10 Ways to Mark Earth Day at Home with Kids

Earth Day, the annual event supporting environmental protection, is April 22. This year is Earth Day’s 50th anniversary.

Under normal circumstances, people around the world would be honouring the Earth with festivals, demonstrations and clean ups. However, the pandemic has forced everyone to stay home. These stay at home orders have had a sudden and dramatic effect on our planet.

Seismologists have seen less daily rumbles as the Earth’s crust is moving less and with fewer cars on the roads nitrogen dioxide concentrations are decreasing. Our air is cleaner and nature is flourishing.

The present situation reminds us our health is deeply connected to the health of our environment. So join in. Make a difference and avert a climate crisis where pandemics and extreme weather events become the new normal.

View of earth from space

Explore The Planet Without Leaving Home!

Nasa’s world view app allows you to travel virtually anywhere on magnificent Earth through the eyes of satellites.

Stay at home festival

Arty Activism

The PangeaSeed Foundation are known for their public art showing the pollution of our oceans. They’re hosting a festival where artists paint environmentally inspired murals in their own homes.

Make an Earth Day promise

Make an Earth Day Promise

Make a sign, hang it in your window for all to see and make it happen.

woodland walks

Livestream Your Daily Nature Walk or Backyard Explorations

Ask viewers what species they have in their neighbourhoods and how they can protect their habitats.


Make a Bug Hotel

Annabelle Padwick, author of “You Can Grow Your Own Food”, suggests using wood, leaves, pine cones, twigs and any other natural materials you can find that would make a great home for little critters.

Pickling to preserve food

Minimise Food Waste

Learn about preservation techniques such as how to pickle, dry and freeze.

Potato in the shape of a heart

Learn About Your Food Print

Plant some potatoes for a fantastic treasure hunt in a few months time and make a plant based meal. Let’s fight climate change with diet change.

Reusable packaging

Conduct a Plastic Audit

How many plastic containers, wrappers, bottles and bags can you find in your kitchen? Research products with more sustainable packaging.

Virtual zoo

Tune Into a Virtual Zoo

Learn about animals and their habitat and what you can do to help conserve the most endangered species.

Bare feet on the grass

Take time to appreciate our planet

Walk barefoot. Meditate in nature. Dance in the rain. Create a gratitude jar for Mother Nature.

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