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5 Hot New Gardening Trends for 2019

Inside a greenhouse looking out. Plants are displayed on shelves and tools

On wintry, dark nights there’s no better time to imagine how our outdoor spaces will look next season. Here are our predictions for the hot new gardening trends to have fun with in the coming year and beyond.

5 Gardening Trends You Can Put Into Practice in 2019

Urban Jungles

Urban gardeners look set to rule the roost this year! Space-saving, grown-up hanging and table planters are a must-have. This will delight gardeners with small to medium sized plots.

Vertical gardens and sky gardens offer the best inspiration for this gardening trend. Take a peek at the Heron’s Tree on the banks of the Loire river. By 2020 it will be the world’s largest hanging garden.

If you can’t satisfy your green fingered urges outdoors you could always look to turn your attentions inside. Create a “Jungalow” just like designer Justina Blakeney! Houseplants are definitely a hip garden trend right now and in the year ahead.

Using plants to clear the toxins from our living spaces is a trend taking root in 2019. The first “Clean Air Bar” popped up last May at Battersea Power Station. We love their idea of a living garnish wall.

Start-up company Aeva is running with the idea of growing fresh produce indoors with the launch of their living room furniture garden. Who knew your lounge furniture could give you 10lbs of food each month?


The Good Life

Grow-your-own will take 2019 by storm! Millennials and urban gardeners are embracing this garden trend due to the growing popularity of vegan and plant-based diets. With the uncertainty of Brexit, adopting this garden trend and becoming more self-sufficient makes sense.

The results of the national “grow your own survey” carried out by Sheffield University, as part of the ongoing MYHarvest project, will be made public next Spring. This study will show how amateur growers can contribute to food sustainability and reduce our reliance on imported fresh food.

This year we’ll all be making soil not waste. Try growing on-trend fruit and veg like miniature fruit bushes, tea plants and herbs for your cocktails.


A.I. Gardens

If you thought the garden was the one destination you could escape technology, think again! Thanks to advances in garden tech everything from planning to planting and mowing to weeding can be done remotely.

Husqvarna Automower is a British-made robot mower you can control with your mobile. A perfect striped lawn is a click away. Robotic sprinklers can also take all the hard work out of keeping your garden watered.

With bee populations on the decline, could the robo bee swoop in to give mother nature a helping hand? The retail giant Walmart has filed more than 6 patents using drones to identify pests attacking crops, spray pesticides and pollinate crops.

If there’s one job we’d happily leave to a robot, it’s weeding! The new Tertill by Franklin Robotics is a solar powered robot that pulls up the weeds for up to three hours.

All these gardening hacks will mean more time to relax guilt-free in your garden retreat!


Outdoor Hideaways

We’ll be seeking to make our gardens more practical, more productive and more enjoyable places to spend our time.

We’re all looking to add value to our homes rather than move, so garden buildings are a good investment.

A thatched garden gazebo offers shade in the summer. By adding canvas panels or infill sections you can create a cosy hang out in the colder months. The open sides and carefully designed bench seating and table maximise space and prevent your Breeze House gazebo being commandeered as garden storage.

Breeze House owners can consider upgrading to larger gazebos in the collection. Trade in your old circular gazebo for an Oval Savannah, Oval Safari or Oval Cape with plenty of room for both dining and lounging.

Malvern Garden Buildings are a stunning selection of premium garden buildings including garden studios, outdoor retreats, summerhouses, log cabins, greenhouses and sheds. It’s never been so easy to re-connect with the outdoors from the comfort of your very own garden room.


Save the Planet

We’re all going to be finding the joy in nature. By re-connecting with nature we can find inner peace and balance and in turn save the planet.

We are an indoor generation starved of fresh air and daylight. “New environmentalists” will be turning off the blue light, deleting Facebook and caring for Mother Nature.

There’s no denying she needs our help! While we’re all striving to cut back on plastic the next crisis on the horizon is looming with the decline of flying insects. By letting a part of your garden go wild and actively planting bug friendly native plants we can help reverse the damage.

If you want to be even more in tune with nature, how about giving moon-phase gardening a try? It’s a practice as old as time itself, based on the idea that the waxing and the waning of the moon affects plant growth. The Moon Gardener’s Almanac by Therese Tredoulat is a bestseller in France and is full of tips on lunar gardening.

We’re looking forward to creating a night garden in 2019. Fill borders with full of light-coloured plants like lamb’s ear, white echinacea or white Muscari to reflect the silvery moon.

Evenings spent outdoors will be even more magical with night-blooming fragrant flowers like evening primrose, Angel’s trumpet or moonflower. However, don’t forget to keep biting bugs at bay with lavender, rosemary and other insect-repelling plants.

A “moon garden” is the perfect way to re-kindle our love of the natural world and make a new home for a whole host of different night time pollinators.

We can’t wait to follow these trends once the weather turns and set a few new ones of our own!


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