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6.9m Grill Cabin

6.9m Grill Cabin


So, you love the great outdoors, and you have a passion for cooking. And right now you can combine the two with the Malvern Garden Buildings Grill Cabin collection!


Our luxury grill cabins (also known as BBQ huts) really do make the perfect retreat for any time of the year! They are full of charm and character, and provide a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – right at the bottom of your garden.

They are inspired by Scandinavian design and architecture and are the ideal destination for getting together with friends and family. They are not only deceptively spacious, seating from 5-10 up to 15-21 people depending on the size you go for, but they can be used in all weather conditions. And the stunning centrepiece is a specially designed grill to cook up your favourite signature dishes, whilst surrounded by loved ones kicking back on comfortable benches. And don’t forget to snuggle up with deer hides to keep you cosy during those cooler evenings.

A Grill Cabin really is a dreamy Nordic-style retreat to enjoy all year round!

Our 6.9m grill cabin starts at just £6950 for 5-10 people and is perfect for a smaller group of friends and family to enjoy.

The grill cabin can be painted in a desired colour to perfectly fit your garden. The cabin walls are constructed from rounded spruce boards, ensuring thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate. The roof is covered with bitumen shingles (available in a number of colours) and there are four opening, double-glazed windows. The main door features an original, decorative, hexagonal window and is lockable for extra security. Benches inside the cabin can comfortably seat up to 10 people around the warm charcoal or wood-fired grill. The chimney above the grill removes smoke from inside the cabin.

Our package includes a standard grill, 2 x deer hides, 1 x door sill, 2 x shelves, 2 x folding benches and standard curtains and cushions.

So just ask our team about transforming your garden and escaping to your own Nordic retreat with a luxury grill cabin today!