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Amazing small space ideas

Amazing small space ideas


Whoever said size doesn’t matter, was clearly talking sense! Because at Malvern Garden Buildings, we believe that you don’t need a huge space to create something beautiful. Whether you opt for the largest building in our range, or the smallest, the ways in which you can use the space and make it perfect for you are endless.


Thanks to the popularity of programmes such as Channel 4’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ people are now able to appreciate the space they have and get uber-creative with it. It’s all about great planning and creativity within the four walls.

Clever storage: It goes without saying that clutter really dampens the mood in even the most beautiful of spaces. So reduce the risk of making your garden building looking a mess by looking into clever storage. Whether it’s storage trunks that double up as seating, or beautiful shelving and cupboards, make it more aesthetically pleasing and get rid of that clutter!

Multi purpose: Make your space even more useful by giving it more than one purpose. Maybe you want a quiet place to read and relax at the end of the day? Well keep the space clear and calm and you’ll be able to use it for relaxing yoga practice too! Be creative with what you put into the space and you’ll have more options as to what to do with it.

Let the outside in: Nobody likes the dark! The more windows you have in your small space, the bigger it will feel. If you have a beautiful garden or a stunning view, don’t hide away from it! Let the outside in, and the natural light that fills your garden building will instantly make it feel a lot bigger, as well as a more positive, bright and happy place to spend your time.

Don’t overdo it: It can be so easy to see clutter creep into a garden building, particularly when you want things out of the house. But, treat your Malvern Garden Building like an extension of the house itself and keep the ‘stuff’ you fill it with to a minimum. A minimalistic space will be one you want to spend time in, relax in and clear your mind from the hustle and bustle of a hectic day.

If you have an amazing small space or you’ve transformed your garden building into something wonderful, send us your pictures! It’s great to get inspiration from our customers to share with others too!