An Interview with Laura Ashton-Phillips

Village apple pressing days inspired the creation of the Silver Gilt award-winning show garden, The Longcroft Press, at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2022.

The Longcroft Press was designed and executed by garden designer and horticulturalist grower, The Botanic Blonde (also known as Laura Ashton-Phillips) and featured Malvern Garden Buildings’ Reverse Apex Shed.

Laura’s picturesque garden, sponsored by Ecohab Wildflowers, was a celebration of native wildflowers and rewilding in garden spaces. We stopped by The Longcroft Press at Malvern Spring Festival and spoke to The Botanic Blonde herself!

Tell us about your inspiration for the garden

“The design is based on my family’s orchard in The Forest of Dean. We have loads of old buildings in the orchard that we use for storing our apple pressing equipment. My design is intended to capture a little bit of that old orchard. It’s very nostalgic, and I have been getting comments from many of the visitors saying how calm it makes them feel and how looks like it has always been there, which is really nice. I have had lots of lovely feedback about the old bike from our orchard that I included in the design too.”


How does our Reverse Apex Shed tie into your vision for the garden?

“The building is amazing – it looks like it has been there for a long time. It’s really rustic and painted black like the farm buildings and sheds at the family orchard, so it just fits perfectly.

“I love the cedar shingles as well, and they’re just going to get better and better over the years as they mellow down. The building is suitably rustic, but I think it looks absolutely stunning!

“It’s really in keeping with the actual style of the garden. I have been really chuffed with it.

“I like that the building has dual use – you have the open area, or you can store a load of stuff. For instance, I’ve got tools in there, a couple of chairs if I need to retreat, so it’s a really useful space.”


What upcoming projects can we expect to see from you?

“As a result of this show, I have been asked to do a couple of habitat restorations in meadows with UK wildflowers which is really exciting! I have also been asked to design another show garden next year for a charity that has approached me which is amazing. This is the start of an exciting adventure!”

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