Breeze House Technical Specification

Breeze House Technical Specification

The dedicated Breeze House team are constantly pushing the boundaries in development and quality, backed by over 20 years of manufacturing in Staffordshire, England – giving total confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Scandinavian Redwood

All of our Breeze Houses are handcrafted from extremely tough and robust timbers, perfect for construction.

The selected timbers are highly regarded for their long lasting properties. They withstand environmental elements, yet retain symmetry and aesthetic purpose and style. The timbers we use age extremely well – we believe they will simply look better than any other construction material in 15, 20 or even 30 years time. All of our timbers are guaranteed for 30 years against rot and decay.

Scandinavian Redwood is imported from Sweden and Finland. It is extremely stable, strong and durable, making it perfect for outdoor constructions and gardens. This is our timber of choice for Breeze House construction and, when treated, can easily last for 30+ years.

Canadian Forest Cedar

Cedar has many natural traits which make it resistant to rot and decay.

Cedar fibres contain oils that are natural preservatives. Cedar oils are also a mild pesticide, which act as a deterrent to insects that might cause damage. These traits make cedar ideal for outdoor cladding. Its low rate of heat absorption is also particularly useful, as it remains cool to the touch even on hot days.

Cedar Shingle Roof
This roof is made from treated cedar, managed in a sustainable Canadian forest environment. The cedar is tapered and cut to size by our skilled craftsmen, providing a seamless finish on the circular roofs. The shingles are mounted onto vertical laths allowing the cedar to breathe, they are then attached to a membrane board for further insulation and protection. There is an option of standard marine ply membrane or an external weatherboard with a specialist TeknosTM paint finish, highlighting the ceiling and giving a more contemporary look. We guarantee our cedar shingle roof for 30 years against rot and decay.


Traditional Thatch
Our traditional South African thatch is pre-fabricated into tiles that can be easily clipped on to a metal frame or rope. Cape reed is a solid reed and has a life expectancy of 6-10 years, and can be pre-fabricated into a thatched tile which can be replaced easily. A re-thatching service is offered by our company. Traditional thatch will age and change colour over time. Aged reed has a natural grey-like appearance.

Combination Thatch
The combination thatch tile consists of a layer of extruded polyolefin imitation thatch with the natural cape reed underneath. This artificial layer of thatch protects the natural reed from the elements, reducing colour changes and deterioration, giving this tile a longer life expectancy.


Superior fabrics designed for demanding environments
This quality collection of high performance fabric provides comfort and luxury. The materials we use will not support microbial or fungal growth, and with stain-resistant and waterproofing characteristics they are of marine quality, perfect for outdoor living.

Canvas Panel Covers
Our canvas panels are a great addition, allowing you to enjoy your Breeze House throughout the year in all weather conditions. Canvas panels insulate your Breeze House and protect it from rain and snow. Panels with full and half window clears are available.