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Bring the outside in with your décor

Bring the outside in with your décor

If you own a garden building, summerhouse or garden office, you’ll no doubt already love the beautiful view you’re greeted with when you sit inside it. That view of the garden never gets old, does it? We simply love it here at Malvern Garden Buildings!

But, where do you begin when designing the interior of your building to reflect the beauty of the great outdoors?

Well, the first place to start is with plants. Plants are fantastic natural air purifiers that can remove dangerous compounds from fuels, furnishings and clothing. They can also decrease the risk of fatigue, pain, itchy eyes and a dry throat. But, even better than that, they can really boost your mood! Flowers especially have an immediate impact on happiness, so treat yourself to some beautiful blooms and display them proudly in your garden building.

Secondly, give your room a splash of colour. Whether you opt for vibrant, fresh yellows, soft, dusky blues and greys or deep and delicious greens, go for colours that reflect the beauty of your garden. Pick out your favourite plants and extend their colour into your garden building to enhance that lovely outdoor feel right the way indoors.

And finally, don’t forget those finishing touches! Whether it’s framed prints from your garden in full bloom or that day trip to the beach, fluffy cushions and cosy rugs or bright, natural lighting to enable you to stay snuggled up in your garden building late into the evening – those final accessories can really set your décor off perfectly.

However you wish to design your garden building interior, it’s a great idea to celebrate the great outdoors. After all, that’s the reason you have a garden building in the first place; to enjoy the outdoors and have a beautiful place to call your own in your perfect garden retreat.

Don’t forget to send us photos of your beautiful garden building décor – we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your ideas!