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Owners of Botanical Boys, Darren and Ben have teamed up with designer Trudy Ruane to create Botanical Recharge – where visitors will experience the serenity of a handmade terrarium and houseplant haven, connecting them intimately with nature. Their space will be a place to enjoy a mindful and rejuvenating microcosm of greenery.

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Realising the immense joy and mindfulness gardening brings

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The Botanical Boys’ journey began in 2009 when Ben and Darren started renovating their Japanese and Italian water garden. Their love for nature soon caught the attention of the public, and they were asked to open their garden for the National Garden Scheme, raising funds for good causes.

As they worked in the garden, they realised the immense joy and mindfulness it brought them. This led them to explore terrarium making as a way of bringing the outdoors inside in the form of miniature landscapes.

Darren and Ben built their first terrariums in 2013, spending many months of experimenting and researching these wonderful microcosms of wonder. They were so popular that soon they were getting requests from people on how to make them, which led them to teach the subject around their dining table, initially with just two people in 2016.

They opened their own plant and workshop store in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross in 2019, and now run workshops with corporations across the city, and public events at their store every week.

As they continued to grow, Darren and Ben were inspired by their travels across Africa, developing a love for traditional hand-crafted objects made from natural materials. They have since built a strong supply network of family and friends to help source treasures for their store in Kings Cross. By avoiding mass-produced products, they operate sustainably and mindfully.

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Drawing inspiration from the contrast of coast and city

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Originally a Fine Art graduate from St Martins School of Art, London and having studied for an MA in Art History at University College Falmouth, Trudy Ruane’s work as an artist drew inspiration from the year round beauty of Cornwall and was complimented with her experience in interior design.

Trudy recently returned to live in London the city she feels more at home in and continues to be inspired by the contrast it has to her years spent by the coast.

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Botanical RechargeRHS Silver Medal Winner

Housed in the Studio Retreat at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, Botanical Recharge offers show visitors a place to recharge and experience the serenity of a handmade terrarium and houseplant haven, connecting them intimately with nature. Their space will be a place to enjoy a mindful and rejuvenating microcosm of greenery.

Designer Trudy Raune said:

“The inspiration behind my design is The Botanical Boys, Ben and Darren, their love for nature and handmade objects from across the world have been bought together.

“Using products from their carefully curated store in Coal Drops Yard I have been able to create a space in which to become immersed in nature while daydreaming of travels and escaping the outside world.

“Outside the studio will be three terrarium sculptures, commissioned by design students Luigi Gisolfi and Tiernan Hughes, to create a real WOW factor! The sculptures will enable us to explain just how the terrarium system works to show visitors.”

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

23 – 27 May 2023

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We know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with designers who understand the extraordinary benefits of houseplants.

Meet the Designers

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