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With design inspiration from Katie Styles of Visual Styles, Geb & Green’s studio will be transformed into a family laundry room. The design will transform washing clothes from a chore to a delight and mimic the process of creating a more sustainable houseplant industry through steaming and cleaning waste peat-free growing media.

Discover Steam. Clean. Plant. Repeat.

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Gold Medal

Promoting an environmentally positive houseplant industry

Geb & Green’s goal is to lay the roots and build the branches for a more environmentally positive houseplant industry. They started the company to combat greenwashing in the houseplant industry and provide an honest, sustainable alternative to the big brands out there.

Their roots are firmly planted in the farming industry, and with 25+ years of growing experience, the team understand the importance of sustainability and the impact plant growing has on the environment.

To the team at Geb & Green, it seems crazy that the ‘green’ we bring into our home, whilst being great for our wellbeing, can be terrible for the earth… so that’s why the company was formed.

Geb & Green want to provide an easy, sustainable alternative for our plant obsession – removing nasty peat from their plants and horticulture – growing happy, healthy, plants in a recycled peat free medium.

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Visual Styles

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Katie Styles of Visual Styles is a design consultant specialising in event, exhibition and retail design, alongside interior styling and set dressing.

A graduate from The London College of Fashion, Katie started working within the Film and TV industry as a costume design assistant and stylist before transferring over to interior styling and retail design.

Katie has worked with a number of leading UK retailers on creative campaigns, from window installations to pop-up events and exhibitions.

Her recent clients include Bury Lane Farm Shop and Café, Creating the Impossible, Behind the Glass London, John Lewis & Partners and Selfridges.

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Steam. Clean. Plant. Repeat.RHS Gold Medal Winner

Geb & Green’s Houseplant Studio design at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is based on an aspirational laundry room, set in a family home.

The design will demonstrate how the chore of washing clothes and reusing them is akin with how a peat-free plant growing medium can be cleaned and renewed to grow beautiful, lush houseplants.

The centre piece of the Studio Flat building will be a mini steriliser, replicating how our peat free growing medium is ‘cleaned’ through steam alone.

The thought-provoking design will, encourage visitors to reflect on how green their houseplants really are and the environmental footprint they have left behind on their journey into their homes. A low-lying feeling of angst may also be felt as the design will demonstrate how the practise of greenwashing (where houseplants are portrayed in a purely positive light, glossing over the harmful environmental impacts) is prevalent in the industry.

Visitors will leave feeling educated and empowered to make a change, to embrace the opportunity that peat free, recycled mediums are available at no cost to the quality and aesthetics of their beloved houseplants.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

23 – 27 May 2023

Meet the Designers

We know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with designers who understand the extraordinary benefits of houseplants.

Meet the Designers

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