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Choose the perfect greenhouse

Choose the perfect greenhouse

Choose the perfect greenhouse

Everybody has their own idea of what the perfect garden is made up of. But at Malvern Garden Buildings, we believe we have a luxury garden building to suit all tastes and all needs when it comes to making the most of the piece of the great outdoors that surrounds your home.

And for all you green-fingered fanatics out there, our range of gorgeous greenhouses are sure to provide the perfect place to get busy in your garden!

But, where do you start when making sure the greenhouse you choose is right for you?

Purpose: The main consideration to take into account when you are looking for a greenhouse is what you actually want to use it for. Are you looking to grow a big, hearty crop of vegetables to harvest in the autumn and make an abundance of delicious family feasts with? Are you wanting a simple place to teach the grandkids all about growing flowers or herbs? Or are you wanting to create beautiful bouquets and baskets throughout the year to gift to family and friends? Whatever your passion, hobby or interest, it’s the purpose of your greenhouse which will determine the size and style you go for – you may need lots of vertical space to allow tall plants to flourish, or a workbench for potting and flower arranging may be more essential. When you visit our site, be sure to discuss with our team what you are hoping to create in your greenhouse, and we will be able to show you the right options for you. You need a space that will provide the perfect location for you to get stuck into your hobby and enjoy some wonderful produce at the end of it all.

Size: Size will be decided by two main factors: how much space you have available on your plot, and how much space you need, dictated by the purpose you have determined above. You need to ensure the area you have selected to construct your greenhouse on has the optimum amount of sunlight, will provide a solid, flat foundation and has easy access for you to potter in and out throughout the year. But, you also need a space big enough to house all of your produce! The last thing you want is to run out of space and not be able to house a healthy crop if you have a successful season. But on the other hand, if you don’t need a humungous space, you can opt for a more compact greenhouse to slot perfectly into the corner of your garden.

Style: This is where it gets exciting! We have a great range to choose from. In the Gabriel Ash collection, for instance, every greenhouse is a stunning piece of architecture and will look outstanding against any backdrop. Alternatively, the Robinsons and Alton ranges offer a multitude of sizes and designs for every gardener and every passion.


At Malvern Garden Buildings, we have an amazing greenhouse offering; all you need to do now is decide what you’re going to get growing!