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Choosing the right greenhouse

Choosing the right greenhouse


Malvern Collection Victorian Greenhouse

As a gardener, you’ll know that preparation and planning is key to ensuring a bumper crop of fruits, veggies, plants and flowers each year. But, having the perfect greenhouse also plays a huge role in making your harvest a success. So at Malvern Garden Buildings, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the perfect greenhouse for you, especially as spring is just around the corner!


Of course, quality is key when it comes to your greenhouse. You need a long-lasting structure made from quality materials. All of our greenhouses are made just like this, with toughened glass too, so you can be sure of a strong, sturdy building.

When thinking about a suitable greenhouse, consider the following:

  • Where will you place it? You need a spot in the garden with plenty of space and light. Angled roofs allow for more light.
  • How big? Measure out the maximum space you have available. This will be a strong deciding factor in what type of greenhouse works for you.
  • Do you have a water source close to hand? If not, then guttering will be a handy addition to use a water butt for easy watering.
  • How about ventilation? The bigger your greenhouse, the more ventilation you will need for the best growing conditions. Our greenhouses offer options of opening windows and automatic roof vents.
  • What will you be growing? Small potting plants will require staging/shelving, or if you are growing larger plants such as tomatoes, a good amount of floor space will be more useful.


So, which greenhouse is the right fit for you? The Malvern Collection offer a number of greenhouse models:

The Hampton: Our Hampton is possibly our most affordable greenhouse solution with glass-to-ground glazing and a high quality timber comstruction.

The Victorian: With guttering, automatic roof vents and made from premium kiln dried Western Red Cedar, the Victorian is a complete greenhouse solution.

The Garden Retreat: Combining a potting shed with a greenhouse, the Garden Retreat offers ease of potting plants without being stood out in the rain.

The Suntop: A beautifully designed greenhouse, with automatic opening vents.

The Solar: The solar has large, angled windows allowing full sun capacity, a heavy duty framework and heavy duty staging under the windows.

All Malvern Collection greenhouses offer a number of options, including shelving, staging and guttering.

A good idea is to write down a list of what you want to grow and consider the most important aspects for your garden project, then browse our quality greenhouse range and get growing!