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Maintaining your garden in winter

Maintaining your garden in winter

A sunny day in December can still be an enjoyable time to work in your garden. Here are a few tips for keeping your garden looking it’s best during the winter months and preparing for the return of Spring.


To add winter interest to your garden plant containers with ivy, skimmia, winter heather and evergreen grasses.

Rake fallen leaves off the lawn, allowing light and air to the grass.

Remove snow from conifers, shrubs and climbers to stop splaying, breaking of branches and spoiling of the shape.

If the ground is not too hard or wet now is a good time to plant fruit trees, whilst they are dormant during the winter months.

If the ground is not frozen there is still time to plant tulip bulbs.

Remove leaves from around alpines as they will die if left damp for too long. Put gritty compost around them to encourage regrowth.

Move trees and shrubs that are growing in an unsuitable position.  Remove with a large enough root-ball to avoid root disturbance when lifting and re-planting.

Remove any dead, diseased or damaged wood from trees and shrubs.

Prune established roses by a third in height to prevent the wind damage.

Plant bulbs in large pots of compost ready to fill any gaps in spring borders.


Festive touches

For festive decoration cut shoots and branches from Holly.  Hollies with berries will look very attractive when used for making garlands or arranged in a vase for Christmas. Ilex Golden King is ideal it has bright, golden-edged leaves and large red berries.

Put outdoor lights on shrubs and trees to create a light and welcoming atmosphere for your relatives and friends.

Maintaining your garden in winter