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Decorate for Christmas

Decorate for Christmas


Do you go all-out on the Christmas decorations at home? Or are you calm and reserved when it comes to transforming the look of your home for the festive season? Well, whether you’re a true festive fanatic or you’re a bit of a “bah humbug!”, the festive season really is a great chance to transform your garden building into something magical.


Light it up: Of course, beautiful lights are the best way to give your garden building that festive look. And if you’re not a fan of big, bright decorations, subtle fairy lights have such a classy edge which decorate your building for the season, without losing that sophisticated sense of style. You can find fairy lights suitable for outdoor use at a great price in many supermarkets and hardware stores. And when the sun goes down your garden building lights up beautifully! It’s so good to look out of the kitchen window and see it on display.

Get creative: Why not get creative and turn your garden building into a little elves’ workshop for the kids to make their own cards or decorations? The possibilities and the fun are endless!

Grotto lotta fun: If you do have little ones around at Christmas time, a garden building provides the perfect place for some festive play time! You could transform yours into a magical winter wonderland full of lights, Christmas decorations and fun fake snow, or make it a warm and cosy grotto for them to meet Santa himself.

Furnishings: Switch up your usual bright and beautiful cushions and throws for beautiful tartan designs and snuggly, fur blankets. Be sure to have some gloves and scarves at hand for everyone to wrap up and enjoy the outdoors even when the temperature drops.

Maybe you’ve got a few days off work, perhaps the grandkids are staying with you or maybe you’re completely kid free and are having some fabulous parties with delicious festive cocktails… Whatever you’re up to, do it in style and include your Malvern Garden Building by making sure it’s decorated beautifully for Christmas!