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Easter family fun

Easter family fun


Isn’t this year flying by! We are at Easter already! And if the kids are driving you crazy as they enjoy their time off school, it’s time to whip up some Easter family fun! So whatever the weather, why not take it out of the house and into your Malvern Garden Building?


Get arty
If it’s sunny, you can use your building for shade, and if it’s raining, you can use it for shelter! Either way, grab a load of paper and pencils and get sketching images of your garden! The kids will love the adventurous feel of playing outside even in gloomy weather and it’s a relaxing activity for you all to enjoy, not to mention a treasured keepsake to pop on the fridge at the end of the day!

Al fresco dining
Everyone loves a picnic! Toast some delicious homemade (or shop-bought!) hot cross buns and take them outdoors to enjoy with a good cuppa. And who says you can’t enjoy a picnic in the rain? Just head into your Malvern Garden Building for lunch without distractions of the house, TV and chores. Having a space like your garden building really does provide the perfect excuse for quality time together without distractions.

Easter egg hunt
Of course, no Easter break would be complete without an egg hunt! Hide small chocolate eggs around the garden and in your Malvern Garden Building and set the children off to find them all (don’t forget to keep some back for yourself to enjoy later too!).

Easter egg hunt malvern garden buildings

Even if those Easter holidays fill you with dread as you try to keep the kids occupied for two straight weeks, enjoying some quality time together in your Malvern Garden Building means your building is being used to its full potential and you can make the most of your beautiful garden.