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Enjoy the darker nights

Enjoy the darker nights


Why did you decide to make the exciting investment in a garden building? Well, if it was to make the most of your garden space and to extend the room you have at home for sociable lounging, now really is a wonderful time of year to be reaping the benefits of that investment!


When the clocks turn back an hour and our daylight hours get shorter, it doesn’t have to mean our opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors get shorter too! Your Malvern Garden Building can be enjoyed all year round; whatever the weather, whatever time of day or night.

In fact, there is something rather magical and mysterious about enjoying the outdoors once the sun has gone down. The garden transforms into a whole new world full of nocturnal creatures, and the colours reflect the moonlight in such a different way than during the daytime. It really would be a shame not to get out there and enjoy it!

So stopping flicking through the TV guide and get outside, as there is nothing more wonderful to watch than nature itself right outside your back door.

Put on those fluffy socks, wrap that scarf around you, make a silky, delicious hot chocolate and snuggle up with your loved ones. Your Malvern Garden Building is comfortable, inviting and literally designed to enjoy the outdoors twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Your stargazing evening awaits…