Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery & Installation

All Malvern Garden Buildings are designed and built to the highest standards and specifications. We use teams of highly trained fitters, who will deliver and install your garden building with as little disruption as possible.

Where should I locate my garden building?

Ideally your garden building should have a clear space at least 18″ wide on all sides. This ensures easy access for both installation and future maintenance. However, a reduced clearance on one or two sides is often possible.

Always make allowance for any roof overhang when buildings are being installed in confined spaces.

What type of base is suitable for my garden building?

We require a level solid base, either paving slabs, concrete or timber decking, upon which to install your building.

All base work is the responsibility of the customer, as is the safe securing of the building once installed. Should you require advice regarding your base, please contact a showsite for general advice or details of recommended contractors in your area.

In the event of a base failure, it is the customer’s responsibility to accept delivery of the building and store appropriately.

What access is required for delivery and installation of my garden building?

Please allow as much room as possible around the building for our installers to work during installation, a minimum of 18″. If this is not possible, please contact your nearest show site to discuss.

Our installers will need a clear access to carry building sections from the delivery vehicle to your prepared base, with no height restrictions or tight/sharp corners to negotiate. Our installers cannot lift sections over fences more than 4′ in height or over buildings such as garages.

If the only access is through the house, a straight run is required – many sections will not pass through standard doorways.

Always make allowance for any roof overhang when buildings have to go into confined spaces.

Please advise us in advance if there are any difficulties regarding access.

Does installation of my garden building include electrical installation?

We can supply and install the internal cabling on lined and insulated buildings as part of our installation service, however a qualified electrician will be required to supply and install all fittings and to make the necessary connections to the mains supply.