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Featured building: The Kew Imperial

Featured building: The Kew Imperial


As we wrote in our blog last week, Malvern Garden Buildings proudly introduced our stunning new range of garden buildings earlier this year, The Kew Collection. We have three stunning buildings in this collection a present, and are pleased to be able to offer them to you right now.


Sitting amongst Kew’s multitude of plants, trees and flowers are a number of majestic buildings, rich in heritage and history, which are as much a feature of the Kew landscape as the gardens themselves.

Looking to Kew’s iconic Victorian glass houses, the Kew Collection references their distinctive architectural design features, resulting in a more refined product with finer attention to detail, and adding that special something to the buildings.

The second building in the Kew Collection is the Kew Imperial. The wonderful shape of this building creates an inviting space from which to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the garden.

Elegant and classically designed, the octagonal shape of the Kew Imperial enables it to fit perfectly into various positions within your outside space. Again drawing inspiration from the grand glasshouses of Kew, the floor-to-ceiling Georgian style windows can be fully opened, allowing you to welcome the outdoors in. The style and quality of the thoughtfully-designed Kew Imperial result in a majestic garden building.

The Kew Imperial is available right now from £16,340 and can be viewed at our showsites. Find your perfect garden building in the Kew Imperial with Malvern Garden Buildings.

Exterior of Kew Imperial by Malvern Garden Buildings
Interior of Kew Imperial by Malvern Garden Buildings
Looking through doors of Kew Imperial by Malvern Garden Buildings