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Fire & Ice Grill Cabin Sale

Grill Cabins (fully installed) on sale from £5734

Our luxury grill cabins offer the ultimate culinary experience.

The characteristic Middle-earth-like design beckons you in to luxuriate on fur covered benches around a roaring fire-pit in the centre.

Pitmasters and BBQ enthusiasts alike will delight in showcasing their cookout skills as guests anticipate the sizzling feast oblivious to the weather outside.

A “Griilikota” – as they are also known – is a cosy retreat to share and make memories with family and friends any time of year. The smallest cabin in the range will comfortably seat up to ten hungry guests, or the largest can accommodate a party of 21.

Grill Cabin features:

»  Constructed from eco-friendly Nordic spruce
»  High quality steel chimney and grill
»  Weather-resistant roof with UV-protection
»  20 year roof tile guarantee
»  Double glazed windows
»  Accessories and upgrades available

Inspired by the land of ice and snow, grill cabins come into their own as temperatures plunge… Sipping mulled wine by candlelight with a loved one or firing up the grill to cook up a storm for a pre-Christmas party, this is as close to the Christmas idyll as you can get.


Ready to embrace your inner Viking?

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