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Furniture for your Malvern Garden Building

Furniture for your Malvern Garden Building


At Malvern Garden Buildings, we love seeing photos of how you use your building once it’s in your garden. And it’s even more exciting when you have chosen another local business to help you add those finishing touches to your office, summerhouse or garden getaway; just like this client did!

Our client chose to work with Mudd and Co when creating the perfect workspace within their Hanley garden office. Made from Western Red Cedar, each Hanley garden building is bespoke – from the size and roof type, to the positioning of the windows and doors and the external paint colour. Choosing Mudd and Co’s made-to-order furniture enabled the client to continue the quality, bespoke feel of their garden office, so the whole space was beautifully designed and integrated inside and out.

The stunning office furniture makes great use of the space, flatters the Malvern Garden Building style and is practical for an everyday workspace.

All Mudd and Co furniture is handmade by dedicated and skilled craftsman, and all is bespoke, so you can be sure of something unique and tailored to your needs. Whether it’s shelving, desks or cupboards – for indoors or out! – Mudd & Co can work with you to create furniture that fits your space beautifully. After all, you have invested in that perfect garden building, so the finishing touches within it need to enhance that style.

So if you’re unsure about how to furnish your Malvern Garden Building, don’t worry! There are more possibilities than you may have first thought.

An office by Malvern Garden Buildings provides a light, bright space to work from, with the benefits of insulation and double glazing. To find out more about our range of garden offices, please click here.