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Gabriel Ash Classic Vinehouse

Classic Vinehouse Collection  from £2,892

The Classic Vinehouse Collection from Gabriel Ash is available in 4 widths, as shown below; the standard lengths are also shown, however the structure can be extended to any length you require:

  • The Baby – 4′ wide (any length)
  • The Six – 6′ 3″ x 9′ 10″
  • The Eight – 8′ 1″ x 9′ 10″
  • The Ten – 10′ x 11′ 8″

The Classic Vinehouse is designed to be compact and fit into narrow spaces, though is still able to accommodate benching and shelving. Vinehouses have the advantage of not requiring such a high wall on which to lean; for this reason these are the choice of many who wish to allow a glasshouse to go up to the wall of their home and yet still go under the eaves which could be a problem particularly on a modern bungalow. Placed on a low wall to fit in with your home or against a kitchen garden wall, this is a greenhouse to be proud of and one which will last a lifetime.

»  Made from top grade Western Red Cedar
»  Tempered safety glass
»  Solid brass and stainless steel fixings
»  Solid aluminium gutters and downspouts
»  Automated ventilated ridge

Options Available

Sash windows

Add additional sash windows.

Cedar staging and shelving

Add cedar staging and shelving to either or both sides.

Louvre vents

Provide additional ventilation and can be located in any position.

Roller blinds

Reduce glare and lower summer temperatures.

Base panels

Cedar base panels may be substituted for lower glazing to provide additional insulation.

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