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Gabriel Ash Cold Frames

Cold Frames  from £270

Our standard Cold Frames include:

  • The Essential Cold Frame – 3′ 8.5″ x 2′ 5″
  • The Baby Grand Cold Frame – 3′ 7.5″ x 2′ 9.5″
  • The Grand Cold Frame – 5′ 6″ x 2′ 9.5″

Although a cold frame can be an effective production unit alone, it is commonly used alongside a greenhouse to gradually acclimatise plants from inside the greenhouse to the garden environment. From overwintering dormant, more tender plants to giving seedlings an early start, seedlings grown indoors can be moved into a cold frame weeks early; this will also help harden them off by closing the lids if frost is forecast.

To protect your plants from damage caused by extreme wind or cold temperatures, all our cold frames have toughened safety glass as standard. With the Essential and Baby Grand Cold Frames the lid is fully glazed; the Grand Cold Frame has two separate lids which make it ideal for growing a variety of different plants.

We can provide a plan for preparing a brick base for your cold frame should you prefer to replace the cedar sides with brickwork.

*Baby Grand and Grand Cold Frames only

»  Made from top grade Western Red Cedar
»  Tempered safety glass
»  Solid brass and stainless steel fixings
»  Aluminium plinth to protect from rising moisture*
»  Lid can be removed for easy access, or held open at different heights for ventilation*

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