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Gabriel AshTechnical Specification

Gabriel Ash Technical Specification

Every Gabriel Ash structure is handcrafted at our in-house workshops in Cheshire. With dedicated joiners, metal workers, and carpenters, each of our structures are made to order and the highest quality build is ensured in every project.


The framework and cladding is in a top grade Western Red Cedar which is grown on the Western Sea Board of North America. It has long been used in inclement climates in the construction and garden industries due to its longevity (the timber contains natural preservatives), stability (it does not easily warp or bend being straight grained) and strength. All of our cedar is sourced from certified or sustainable forests.

Cedar absorbs moisture readily which brings the natural preservatives to the surface, it does however give off absorbed moisture rapidly in its natural state, which causes no harm and is a natural process. There is a wide colour variation in the raw material, it mellows to a silver grey as exposed to weathering.


All our structures are glazed in Tempered Safety Glass to British Standard BS.6206


These are a combination of solid brass and stainless steel, both being suitable for use with Western Red Cedar due to their resistance to corrosion by the timber itself and extreme weather conditions.


We use powder coated aluminium to provide improved weather protection, ventilation and long lasting strong rainwater goods. The gutters and downspouts are solid aluminium providing compatibility with proprietary rainwater systems and so may be used to link with rainwater saving tanks and butts.

The cedar roof spars are protected on the exterior by cappings with neoprene gaskets securing the glass and ensuring weatherproofing.

All products have an alumimium plinth on which the structures sit, this raises the timber off the ground protecting from rising moisture and giving a stronger fixing into the foundation. All Greenhouses have our unique automated ventilated ridge using heat sensitive openers.

The ridge runs the entire length of the structure providing a favourable ventilation pattern in normal growing conditions.