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Garden game ideas

Garden game ideas


If you’re struggling for ways to keep the kids entertained during the long summer holidays that loom ahead, or you need some unique ideas to throw a dinner party with a difference, why not introduce some fun garden games into the mix? Here are a few favourites from the Malvern Garden Buildings team…


Everything is fun when it’s GIANT: That’s right, surely one of the best ways to enjoy a good game in the garden is with the good old favourites? Many high street shops and large garden centres stock a wide range of giant garden games these days and they prove to be great fun for all ages. Whether it’s Jenga, Connect 4 or Draughts, there’s something rather fun and even more exciting when everything is super-sized.

Play your cards right: And, of course, when it comes to giant games, nothing is more comical (perhaps even slightly whimsical) in the garden game arena than a game of cards. Again, many high street stores stock giant playing cards these days, so you can enjoy a good old game of snap or rummy, or maybe even the classic ‘play your cards right’ as two teams. The question is, who will be Bruce Forsyth, and who will be the dollies doing the dealing?

It’s all a charade: This game can be tailored quite easily to whoever is playing, be it kids or adults. Trying to act out your favourite film, book or TV show with a gang of friends is made all the more hilarious after a day in the sun (or sipping cocktails!). And with smartphone app games like ‘Headz Up’ it’s even easier to play the game and engage a younger audience with it too.

Whatever your favourite way to liven up a garden party, make sure you make the most of the summer ahead – winter will be back before we know it, so it’s good to go out and enjoy the great outdoors while we can. And once you’re all played out, you can sit back and relax in your Malvern Garden Building.

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