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Garden Office Case Studies – The Hanley

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If you’re like the majority of Malvern customers, you’re someone who likes to see a physical product before a purchase. So in today’s digital world where purchases are completed online, money is transferred instantly and products arrive on your doorstep the next day, visiting a showsite can be a welcome change. That’s where Malvern Garden Buildings strive to make your visit the best it can be, with a wide range of buildings on display, we can provide what you’re looking for and give you the satisfaction of touching and feeling a finished product.


We like to regularly stay in touch with our customers – we care about the service and installation but we also like to know that they’re enjoying and making full use of their new buildings. With the rise in the number of employees working from home due to the added flexibility, childcare expenses, lack of commuting time and overall efficiency in comparison to being in the office, our garden offices have provided the ideal solution for many people.

Two of our favourite customers came to us in September to source the perfect outdoor garden office for them. Following house renovations and building extensions, their existing indoor office was being converted into additional living space. On visiting our showsite, located conveniently at Toad Hall Garden Centre, our customers spoke to the on-site team who invited them both into their office to discuss the range. The couple were instantly impressed with the office that the sales team were working from, The Hanley Flat 24’ x 10’, describing it as elegant and stylish with all of the versatility and multi-functional uses they would like.

The couple – who had a large garden and were familiar with the height restrictions of buildings – knew that planning permission was not required and were keen to install so committed to the building.

Following an efficient and charming installation team, as described by our customers, we caught up with them to ensure their building was performing as it should. We couldn’t have been happier with the feedback – the customers advised that they actually prefer the new office to the existing indoor room, explaining that in addition to serving as office space for a programme management role, the outdoor garden building had provided overflow sleeping space during family events, even creating space for a film crew to reside for a few days when filming in the local area. They now constantly situate a double futon in the office should the situation arise again.

When asked if the location of the building has any affect on the work, the customer was keen to advise that they enjoy a lot more of the garden now that they use the outdoor building, that it is quite soothing, making them feel closer to nature. The family aren’t avid gardeners but keep a well maintained and beautifully designed garden through the use of gardening services. They’re hoping, like many of us, that the gardening bug overcomes them one day and they grow a new love for nurturing nature.

Garden offices are quickly becoming recognised for their versatility, being used for work primarily but also serving as rooms for relaxation, practicing hobbies, socialising and for short term accommodation when needed. As family sizes begin to grow but owners feel content in their existing homes, those with adequate outdoor space can utilise the area and install an outdoor garden building to free up space indoors. Allowing them to appreciate the outdoors, create effective work areas and continue family life in a home that they love.

Throughout March, we encourage our existing and new customers to visit one of our four showsites to view the range of outdoor garden buildings on display – because as we touched on, if you like a physical product, you’ll be delighted. For those of you who are happy with a brochure or digital content, you can view our garden offices online. Full features of the Hanley garden office can be found below.

About our Hanley – Standard Features:

  • Glass-to-ground double glazing
  • Four different roof styles available – Apex, Hipped, Pent or Flat
  • Energy saving glass and insulated walls
  • High standard roof and floor
  • Double doors at front
  • Two privacy ventilation windows at the rear of the building


About our Hanley – Additional Options:

  • Additional windows
  • Velux roof windows
  • Pressure treated cedar shingle roof
  • Coloured exterior finish
  • Laminate floors
  • Internal wall partitions
  • Guttering & downpipes