Get the Look: Garden Room Disco 

Move aside Kitchen Disco and make way for Garden Room Disco…

According to Telegraph journalist, Madeliene Howell, 53% of us would rather go to a garden centre than a nightclub.

‘The Green Room’ – our gold medal winning Houseplant Studio exhibit for RHS Chelsea Flower Show, created in collaboration with the Indoor Garden Designers Ian Drummond and James Whiting – combined the best of both worlds into a neon-filled, disco-themed, plant paradise. Here’s how to recreate the look.

6 Key Elements to Get the Garden Room Disco Look 

green neon LED light reads 'The Green Room'


Pinterest predicted the neon room trend for 2021. Gen Z Pinners have been swift to reinvent their bedrooms with bright, atmospheric lighting. But why ground this eye-catching glow to the bedroom?

Pendant grow lights and a LED neon sign custom-made by @Neon drench this plant-filled garden disco room in luminescent colour to create its unique vibe. Highlighter hues burst through into all the finishing touches from plant hangers, furniture and garden accessories to decorative gravel and moss around potted plants.

Pink macrame hanging chair at RHS Chelsea


The monster macrame hanger wrapped around the Green Room used a whopping 5,500 metres of neon pink rope and was made by hand (mostly of square knots) by Devon macrame maker Lorna Green. Check out her feed on Instagram and her Etsy shop  for lots of inspiration and colour.

Incorporate macrame simply into your scheme with plant hangers, wall hangings, or even a hanging chair.


Mirror ball hanging from garden studio ceiling amongst lush vegetation

Mirror Balls & Killer Playlist 

Nothing says party like a mirror ball! They come in lots of different sizes, as well as a myriad of colours and add instant zing to your décor.

Use a collection of mini disco balls as a glittering bowl filler, hang them from your ceiling lights to create a ‘chandelier’ effect, or make a sea of sparkles by hanging one near a sunny window. Amp up the atmosphere with a disco inspired playlist like the one we played at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Potting bench with plant next to dehumidifier


Humidifiers create the perfect conditions for your indoor garden but also cunningly have the appearance of dry ice so it’s win-win in terms of creating the disco mood. We used this larger capacity humidifier which can be stood on the floor amongst your plants or on a side table. All you need to do is fill it with tap water and away you go.  More humid air is also great for your own wellbeing especially when using heaters during the winter months. Increased wellbeing for both you and your indoor jungle!

Out garden furniture set in hot neon pink

Breakout Area 

When setting up a garden room disco, we highly recommend putting together an outside breakout area that echoes the internal styling.

On a decked area of about 2.5 metres square we used a trio of hot pink string chairs, a reclaimed table with sunken plant pots and tripod planters both painted in neon pink rust-oleum and a pink parasol. To soften the boundaries potted grasses and banana plants were used.


Planted tree covered in moss, tree dwelling species and fungi

Bring the outside in 

The true beauty of a plant-filled garden room is access to one big hit of nature any time of year. How far you take the concept is up to you.

A tree trunk planted up with tree dwelling species and a carpet of moss to sink your toes into gives an immersive Narnia-like quality to the room for a wild escape better than any nightclub we know of…

Read more about the plants we used in the scheme here.

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