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Get connected with wifi in your garden building

Get connected with wifi in your garden building


Wifi is possibly the most convenient and useful connectivity tool in our home. And with a huge range of options when it comes to extending your internet access to outside the home, it’s now even easier to get wifi in your garden building. Which, if you use it for work, is very useful indeed! Here are your options:


Wifi extender: A wifi extender is a piece of equipment that connects to your existing wifi network and extends the signal, creating a hotspot in your garden building by simply plugging the extender into the mains in your home. The range is up to 30 metres so you may need multiple repeaters, but this is a quick and simple solution! Although you may need to consider a different option if you need a larger range.

Ethernet cable: Running an ethernet cable from your house to your office is the most secure and reliable method of achieving an internet connection. This is possibly the best option for a garden office that requires a reliable and fast internet connection. It’s fairly easy to install and once you have the ethernet cable in the garden building, you can simply plug this into any wifi router or directly into a device that has an ethernet port.

Powerline networking: This uses the electrical power cable between the home and garden building to deliver the internet data between the separate units. It works alongside a wifi network and is almost wireless. It is easy to install and should not require the assistance of an IT professional. It is fairly cheap to install but will require you to have electricity in your garden building, which you would need a qualified professional to install.

Wifi point-to-point: A wifi point-to-point (or PtP) is similar to a wifi extender, but is typically more reliable. Installation is more complex and requires a unit to be installed on the outside of your house and another on the garden building. Both units require power to work and some configuration may be required in order for the units to communicate correctly with each other, so hiring a professional to do this would likely be necessary. The bonus to using PtP is that the range is considerably greater than that of a standard wifi repeater and is the best option if your garden building is a good distance from your house and ethernet cabling is not a viable option.

So no matter where your garden building is placed, what your budget or what your requirements are, there is certainly a suitable solution for you when it comes to getting wifi in your Malvern Garden Building.