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Harvest Time Tips for 2019

Harvest Time Tips


It’s an exciting time of year for those green-fingered amongst us! Whilst many people are still mourning the end of summer, gardeners are rejoicing at the splendour that has developed over the last few months and are gearing up to reap the rewards. If you’ve spent your weekends pottering about your Malvern Garden Buildings luxury greenhouse, turning the soil, weeding and lovingly nurturing your crops since that initial day of sowing, you really do deserve a fabulous harvest!

Grab your tools: In order to be able to harvest your fruits and vegetables easily, effectively and swiftly, you will need the right tools for the job. So, grab your pruning shears, spade or shovel, a sharp knife and a basket to put your hard-earned produce in.

Plan their use: It’s not just about harvesting and picking the vegetables, you need to make sure you’re going to make the most of them in the kitchen once you do. So, before your prime harvest time arrives, be sure to have a plan for the culinary delights you are going to create with them, this is the time you can make the most of having home-grown ingredients for your meals. Whether it’s a delicious veggie stew or a melt-in-the-mouth pie, get your menu ready and a plan in place for when your harvest is ready! And of course, if you have an abundance of a certain vegetable (or you have more than you can use), share your delights with friends, family and neighbours! There’s something refreshing and extra delicious about enjoying food made with ingredients grown right on our doorstep; somehow it just tastes better.

Daily rounds: Be sure to head out to your greenhouse or vegetable patch every day to keep an eye on what is ripe and ready. You could miss the prime time for picking if you skip a couple of days! Do your daily rounds to pick your fruits and vegetables when they are beautifully ripe, then you’ll be able to enjoy them at their tastiest.

Get ready for 2019:If you’re reading this feeling rather jealous of those who are harvesting their own delicious fruits and vegetables and would like to try your hand at growing next year, you need to get ready now! Come in and speak to the Malvern Garden Buildings team about the best greenhouse for the job. We have a beautiful range in varying styles and sizes, so whatever your plans (or dreams!) when it comes to gardening, you’re sure to find the perfect greenhouse for you.