How Green is Your Office?

Taking care of mind and body is all important right now. In pre-pandemic times (if you can cast your mind back that far) tech companies like Google and Facebook invested heavily in bringing greenery indoors to fuel productivity and creativity.

A garden office can surround you in nature while you work. Better still fill the space with some well chosen houseplants and you’re well on your way to work-from-home nirvana.

Houseplants have long been enjoying a revival and filling the gap in our increasingly urbanized lives with greenery. In these strange times cooped up in lockdown, a home office full of evergreens is even more appealing.

Greens Are Good For You

Plants don’t only look good, they also have a multitude of health benefits. In studies carried out by NASA and universities world-wide the conclusion is plants act as a kind of “pollutant sponge”.

They hoover up all the nasties in our homes from carbon dioxide to the chemicals released from paint, carpets, furniture and cleaning products. They take in these toxins through their leaves and stems, or through their roots via the potting compost and small microbes turn them into food for the plant. It’s win-win.

Indoor plants can also help to boast your mental health. Studies have shown that loving and caring for plants can reduce negativity, anxiety, depression and stress. It IS possible to find a little joy in these troubled times by becoming a new plant mamma or daddy.

RHS gold medallist Ian Drummond & interiors stylist Kara O’Reilly write in their book, At Home with Plants:

“One of the most amazing things about houseplants is that you can enjoy them all year round, and there is nothing more satisfying to the soul than nurturing a living thing”.

The Top 10 Work-from-Home Plant Buddies

Chinese Evergreen
Aglaonema Silver Queen 

A lush-leaved tough plant that can cope with drying out. Ideally needs medium light although can cope with shade. Add some colour by choosing a variety with patterned foliage. Buy here.

Green leafy houseplant in black pot sat in office in-tray

Flamingo Flower
Anthurium adreanum 

Another tough plant that can take a knock, tolerates a bit of neglect and rewards you with more or less continuous colour. Needs medium light. Buy here.

Fiery red flowered houseplant in grey pot with blue background

Spider Plant
Chlorophytum variegatum

Providing this plant gets a decent amount of light it will pretty much take care of itself. Buy here.

Variegated houseplant in macrame hanger

Corn Plant
Dracaena fragrans, ‘Lemon Lime’ 

Really hardy, can take low light and will tolerate drying out. Tall and slim so stays compact, perfect for smaller rooms. Buy here.


Green striped foliage shooting out of wooden pot in office in-tray

Devil’s Ivy
Scindapsus aureum

Needs bright to medium light to flourish but can tolerate drying out. If you want a trailing plant this is your guy! Buy here.


Lush leafed houseplant sat in terracotta pot

Variegated Rubber Plant
Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’

It’s cream edged leaves have made it a popular choice with plant lovers in recent years. In the wild Ficus trees grow into large trees up to 15 meters tall, but don’t worry, it won’t quite reach this lofty height in your home. They prefer brighter indirect light. Buy here.

Houseplant with cream edged leaves in bright yellow pot

Vanda Orchid

Vanda orchids make incredible gifts as they are so easy to care for and put on a stunning, long lived display! They make an impressive statement on any office or home desk. Vandas prefer bright and warm conditions with humid air if possible. Buy here.

Colourful yellow orchid with silvery grey root in see through pot

Snake Plant
Sansevieria moonshine 

As tough as old boots! Able to cope with dark corners and can be left to dry out between waterings. One of the few plants that gives off oxygen at night. Buy here.

Houseplant with long thin leaves shooting up out of a terracotta pot

Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum wallisii 

A compact, hardy plant with lush leaves and a beautiful white flower. If it is left to dry out it will usually recover with a good watering, needs medium light. Sits well on a desk. Buy here.

Delicate white flowering houseplant

ZZ Plant
Zamioculcas zamiifolia 

A feather like structure with dark, glossy green thick leaves and an arching habit, the ZZ plant is almost indestructible. Surviving almost anywhere in the home and ever forgiving to forgetful waterers, Zamioculcas is a great starter plant for the novice indoor gardener. Buy here.

Feathery leafed houseplant in grey pot

Where to Buy?

In-Tray Plants is a brand new venture launched by RHS Chelsea award winning plantscapers Indoor Garden Design in the first lockdown and in celebration of their 45th year anniversary.

They deliver high quality plants to help green-up homes and offices across the UK along with all the care tips and expert advice you could possibly need. Their carefully curated selection of houseplants, pots and indoor gardening accessories are sourced from trusted suppliers who they have worked with for many years.

We particularly love their collection of festive plants, cute terrariums and office bundles. Check them out for some great gifting ideas!


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