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Low maintenance gardening

Low maintenance gardening


One of the finest things about summer is sitting back – perhaps in your Malvern Garden Building – and enjoying the beauty of your own garden. However, a beautiful garden takes hours, months even years of TLC and skill to achieve.

Or does it?

Having time to grow and maintain the perfect garden can seem tricky, but there are ways to create a stunning outdoor space with very little continual effort needed; a low maintenance garden could be just for you.

Plants and shrubs: Choose evergreen shrubs and plants which tend to themselves all year round and require little or no attention from you. Plus, as they won’t shed leaves come autumn, there’s no exhausting sweeping to be done!

Furniture: Aluminum or plastic furniture is perfect for a low maintenance garden as it requires a lot less work to keep it looking fabulous when exposed to our typical British weather!

Gravel and paving: Rather than a huge lawn, give your garden a quality patio area, which can still be beautiful and practical. Use ceramic or stone slabs with mortar laid beneath to help prevent tiring hours of weeding. Gravel can look very classy too, particularly in a smaller garden. Lay it over the top of lining to avoid weeds coming through, but ensure water can drain efficiently.

And, the rest is up to you! If you choose to add a few potting plants for a splash of colour, these may just be the only thing you’ll need to maintain to keep your garden looking great.

Less time gardening, more time enjoying the garden. Perfect!