The Martley

The Martley

Not just
a summerhouse _

Standard features

  • Two top hung opening windows
  • Plain glazing
  • Toughened glass
  • Lockable double doors
  • Tongue and groove timber roof and floor
  • Green polyester mineral felt
  • High quality timber treatment throughout (Excluding pressure treated)

Is this your perfect summerhouse?

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The Martley is available in sizes:

  • 7′ wide x 7′ deep (2.13m x 2.13m)
  • 8′ wide x 8′ deep (2.44m x 2.44m)
  • 9′ wide x 9′ deep (2.74m x 2.74m)
  • 10′ wide x 10′ deep (3.05m x 3.05m)
Width/DepthRidge Height
7' (2.13m)2.76m
8' (2.44m)2.83m
9' (2.74m)2.92m
10' (3.05m)2.99m
Eaves height 2.11m (on all depths)
1.22m wide double doors

Make it yours _

Options available

Cladding types

Choose from five tongue & groove cladding types.

Georgian-style windows and doors

With “antique style” ironmongery.

Additional windows

Add extra windows to increase the amount of natural light.

Red or black mineral felt roofing

38kg heavy duty polyester mineral felt roofing in black or red.

Heavy duty floor

Upgrade to a 19mm heavy duty floor.

Glass-to-ground windows and doors

Maximise the natural light in your building by upgrading to glass-to-ground glazing.

Square or diamond leaded glazing

Upgrade to square or diamond leaded glazing.

Brass or chrome ironmongery

With matching fixtures and fittings.

Roof upgrades

Choose from:

  • Cedar slatted roof
  • Pressure treated floor bearers
Pressure treated floor bearers

To allow the circulation of air underneath the timber floor, helping it stay dry and sound.

Colour options

  • Clover Leaf
  • Cornsilk
  • Dove Grey
  • Fern Green
  • Fossil
  • Graphite Grey
  • Honey Dew
  • Malvern Green
  • Olive Grey
  • Pebble
  • Rush Green
  • Sage Green
  • Slate Blue
  • Stone Green
  • White Smoke
  • Willow Green
  • Fleet Grey
  • Midnight Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Urban Grey
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