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New year resolutions

New year resolutions


If you’ve made any new year’s resolutions for 2018, you’re sure to have a renewed energy for your goals for the year and beyond. And if your 2018 resolutions start at home, the Malvern Garden Buildings team may be able to help!


Start that business you’ve always dreamed of: The new year is the perfect time to have a spark of vigour for that lifelong ambition of being your own boss. And what better way to get your business off the ground than with the perfect office space to keep you focused and on-track? Our range of garden offices come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to suit whatever your business needs.

Grow your own veggies and aim to be self sustainable: Self-sustainability is something many families are becoming very excited about. Particularly if you have children or grandchildren, having a space to learn about where our food comes from is fantastic. And that’s why our range of greenhouses can provide you with such a space. Finally get round to growing your own veggies, fruits and flowers – dinner will certainly taste better knowing you’ve grown it yourself.

Spend more quality time with family and friends: We could all probably adopt this as our new year’s resolution, as time goes by so quickly and we realise we haven’t spent enough quality time with the ones we love. So whether it’s one of our luxury grill cabins or a breezy summer house – invite those friends round or have a good old cuppa with that relative you’ve been meaning to see.

Finally complete that project: Been meaning to get round to building those shelves for the lounge? Or not found chance to finish that crafty project? With your own dedicated space to let your hobby thrive, you’re sure to get round to it this year. Just browse our range of sheds and workshops and you’ve given yourself the perfect platform to complete your project.

From a completely bespoke building, to extras and accessories to enhance your garden and meet your practical needs and personal tastes; with a Malvern Garden Building you can be guaranteed a truly unique experience and perfect building designed around you.

What could be a more fabulous way to bring in the new year than that? Be sure to stick to your new year’s resolutions and create the ideal place to make it all happen with Malvern Garden Buildings.