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Pizza ovens for your garden!

Pizza ovens for your garden!


Move over the Great British barbecue! There’s a new favourite in town, and it’s set to take over gardens all over the country in the next few months. And at Malvern Garden Buildings, we can’t wait!


No longer shall we suffer in silence as we endure yet another over-chargrilled sausage or bland burger… It’s time to add some flavour to our alfresco dining with an outdoor pizza oven!

Ranging from just £150 in popular supermarkets, to huge, impressive contraptions costing thousands of pounds, it’s easy to see why these ovens are becoming a firm favourite with the chefs and entertainment extraordinaires among us.

Not only will your guests be able to indulge on some fresh and crispy pizza straight out of the oven, they’ll also enjoy a memorable experience in the process. From watching the wood-fired oven reaching a sizzling heat to topping the tasty pizzas with some freshly picked leaves of basil from your herb garden, you can be sure that your guests won’t be forgetting your party in a hurry!

Chef Jamie Oliver used one of his pizza ovens in his recent television series, which has had significant positive implications on their demand. The celebrity chef summed it up perfectly on his website – “I’ve done a lot of cooking in it. I think it’s got fashionable because it’s outside, it’s sociable, and food tastes better in it”.

With more and more people jumping on the outdoor wood-fired oven bandwagon every day, there are little signs that this trend will stop. Why not start thinking about how you could integrate a wood-fired oven into your own garden? It will be the perfect addition alongside your Malvern Garden Building to while away those long summer evenings ahead.

Malvern Garden Buildings offer a selection of pizza ovens at our Staffordshire and Wiltshire showsites – please contact us for further information, or visit a showsite to speak to a member of staff.