Planting for all Seasons

As the sun starts to set a little later, the seasons change once again.

Spring flowers are beginning to bloom, and you may be thinking that it’s time to give the garden some fine tuning.

Our delve into the Japanese art of wabi-sabi teaches us to embrace the continual changes of life, and nowhere is this transience more evident than in our gardens. Our planting tips will help you celebrate the seasons and the differences they each bring.

Plan your planting

Creating a year-round garden planner will help you identify plants that will bloom in each season. When selecting plants, don’t forget to consider your garden’s specific conditions – the geographic location and weather conditions, the soil type, the aspect – to ensure they will perform well.

Focus on key months

Do you love the summer and its bold blooms? Perhaps you prefer the warming nature of autumn and its cosy hues of rich reds, browns and oranges.

Whilst the aim of planting for all seasons is to have year-round interest, sometimes the enjoyment of a particular season can make us feel more inspired and motivated. It’s great to let these feelings channel through your gardening and visibly showcase your love for that time of year by choosing plants and shrubs that flourish during the period to create a show stopping display!

Ask yourself, ‘Is there a season that stands out to me?’ If there is, aim to make this favoured period a particular focus point when your garden is at its peak.

Structure throughout the year

Trees, topiary and shrubs can provide sophisticated and timeless structure. Flowers and leaves may fade away or decay as the seasons change, but unique architectural forms will remain, letting change happen around them. Plants with decorative seed heads also offer shape and structure long after flowering has ended, as do ornamental grasses – watch them change state as time passes.

Whilst deciduous plants and trees can certainly provide structure and texture, the year-round foliage of evergreens will also add a splash of colour to an autumn display or winter wonderland. Research plants that will keep their foliage when the flowers are no more if you want to ensure there is always an element of greenery in your garden through the ever-changing seasons.

Plants away

Some plants may need to be homed in containers and given some extra TLC through the colder months to help them survive, like being moved to a more sheltered position or even inside. Don’t forget to consider the drainage system of your container to avoid a water-logged disaster! As well as offering practical benefits, pots and containers can easily be switched in and out of your scheme depending on the time of year – whilst potted summer blooms are safely tucked away from the elements until warmer days return, an autumnal display in a different container can take their spot!

Check out our Pinterest board to find plenty of plantspiration to carry your outdoor space through the entire year and beyond!

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