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RHS Chelsea: Malvern Garden Buildings Artisan Retreats

RHS Chelsea: Malvern Garden Buildings Artisan Retreats

Artisan Retreats at RHS Chelsea


The Artisan Retreats display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 features five artists exhibiting their contemporary wares in a range of Malvern Garden Buildings.

Malvern Garden Buildings provide the ideal home studio space – light, airy and versatile, the buildings are a wonderful environment to work, think and create in.

Below we detail each of the artisans and the building they’re residing in for the week.

Ashton Artisan Retreat

Artist: Anna Ray
Retreat: 12′ x 10′ Ashton

Anna Ray is an artist and textile designer, who previously worked as a lecturer at the Edinburgh College of Art after studying there. She now lives in Hertfordshire, working from a home studio. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she has won many awards throughout her career to date. She finds the garden next to her studio very influential to her art, both in terms of imagery from the garden blending with her studio, and with the processes she goes through in nurturing each.

The Ashton is part of the Malvern Garden Buildings Cottage Range. Available in 12 different sizes, it is suitable for an array of spaces, and emulates a traditionally-designed, English summerhouse. Pretty and versatile, it can accommodate various activities, from relaxing to entertaining, reading to painting.

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Arley Artisan Retreat

Artist: Anne Marie O’Sullivan
Retreat: 12′ x 10′ Arley Apex

Our second featured Artist is Anne Marie O’Sullivan. Anne Marie uses traditional weaving and binding techniques to create domestic objects including baskets, brushes and stools, as well as large, architectural woven installations. Her work is a direct response to the materials she grows and gathers form the land, including wood, willow and hay.

The Arley Apex is a beautiful cedar garden room from the Malvern Garden Buildings Traditional Range. It offers wide scope for customisation with options including coloured external finish, internal partitions and additional windows. The Retreat building is double glazed with black felt tiles, an Olive Grey external finish, laminate flooring and an interior MDF lining painted in White Smoke.

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Studio Artisan Retreat

Artist: Helen Carnac
Retreat: 12′ x 10′ Studio Pent

Helen Carnac is a London-based maker and curator. She often works in interdisciplinary environments and is currently collaborating with various designers and artists including a DJ, textile artists, scientists, fine artists, choreographers, a furniture designer and a silversmith. Helen primarily works in metal and she has a commitment to understanding where materials come from.

The Studio Pent is a wonderful garden room from the Malvern Garden Buildings Traditional Range. Glass-to-ground glazing makes it the perfect space to relax, reflect or create. It offers a number of customisation options – the Retreat building at Chelsea has a painted external finish in Yenston Tide, with the fascias and overhang painted in Yenston Day.

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 Hanley Artisan Retreat

Artist: Marion Labbez
Retreat: 14′ x 10′ Hanley

Marion Labbez combines the age-old technique of metal leaf gilding and painting on the reverse of glass with contemporary patterns, colours and textures, to create bespoke feature walls, pieces of furniture and decorative elements for interiors. Each piece is entirely unique.

The Hanley is part of the Malvern Garden Buildings Garden Offices Range. Available in an extensive range of sizes and made completely to your specification, this is a versatile building with a contemporary feel. Fully lined, insulated and double glazed, it can be used in every season. The Retreat building has a flat roof (apex, pent and hipped are also available), a painted external finish in Fossil and chrome fixtures and fittings.

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Hopton Artisan Retreat

Artist: Thomas Whittingham Furniture
Retreat: 12′ x 12′ Hopton

Drawing inspiration from the flowing shapes of the British countryside, Thomas Whittingham combines subtle lines with complementary timber choices. He works closely with his customers to create pieces which are personal to them and work harmoniously in the space for which they are designed.

The elegant and classically designed Hopton will compliment and enhance any garden setting. Available in six different sizes, it’s octagonal design allows it to fit well into numerous positions within your outside space. The Hopton Artisan Retreat at RHS Chelsea has Georgian-style windows, an external painted finish in Malvern Green and laminate flooring.

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 Holt Artisan Retreat

Andrew Peck’s Old Man’s Shed
Retreat: 10′ x 8′ Barnstyle Holt Apex Shed

Andrew Peck, Chairman of Assessing for Tradestands at RHS Chelsea, has created the “Old Man’s Shed” which features alongside the other Artisan Retreats at the show.

The interior is reminiscent of days gone by, and epitomises the much-loved shed as an escape in which to potter around and wile away the hours.

The Malvern Garden Buildings Holt Shed is a traditional, high quality garden structure. Shown here with an apex roof (although also available as a pent model), it features Georgian-style windows, a cedar shingle roof and a 7’ x 15” workbench inside. The Holt offers a range of options and extras, allowing the creation of the perfect shed both aesthetically and practically.

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