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RHS Chelsea Flower Show Artisan Studios: Ashton

The artisan:

Lizzy Chambers


Lizzy is a creator, designer and illustrator with a passion for colour and growing beautiful and natural things. And it’s her beautiful botanical range which is captured within her glass jewellery. Her jewellery is a magical display of nature and skill, as she takes petals from her own collection, as well as those grown on her mother’s farm, to use within her pieces.


The Retreat:

12′ x 10′ cedar Ashton

The Ashton is the picture of the traditionally designed, timeless English summerhouse, made from Western Red Cedar which is renowned for its natural beauty and warmth. This pretty and versatile garden room can be used for many different activities: simply a room to relax and unwind, to entertain and dine or even a room to work from.

Lizzy’s whole ethos is both dedicated to and in celebration of British nature. She is devoted to capturing British values in all of her pieces, and her materials are locally sourced wherever possible. In cases where they cannot be locally sourced, she is confident in the quality, work conditions and ethical nature of where they are from.

In essence, she creates beautiful, British, botanical jewellery and keepsakes, and when you see them in person at RHS Chelsea 2018, you’ll see just why she is so passionate about her work.

The inspiration:

Lizzy’s story dates back to when she moved house with her husband many years ago and spent time planting and nurturing beautiful rock beds in the garden. Once the family grew, the children enjoyed digging up the rock beds and bringing in flowers and plants as keepsakes. But, of course, as time went on they often wilted, and the memories were gone. This inspired Lizzy to capture those fresh memories and preserve them within glass to keep forever. With her technique, it meant that the stunning, natural beauty of the flowers was encapsulated at its best.

As her work grew, she began supplying British museums with her pieces, which led to her sourcing more beautiful blooms from local farms whom now work closely with Lizzy.

And now, one of her most popular projects to work on is wedding flowers. Your wedding day is the most special day your life, but when the bouquet and blooms die out, that fresh, lasting memory is lost. By preserving the flowers and capturing them in a beautiful keepsake or jewellery piece, you’ll be able to enjoy your floral beauty for years to come.


Lizzy Chambers’ Ashton

Exterior colour:

Interior colour:

Hickory Kansas laminate

Chrome iron fittings and cedar shingle roof


How the Ashton
was used:

The whole theme around the Artisan Retreat is “Re-telling the Story”. From the water troughs sourced from local farms filled with fabulous flowers, to the showcase of drying methods used in her projects, you really begin to appreciate the skill, dedication and time that goes into each and every piece of Lizzy’s. The workbench within the retreat takes you through each step in the journey that all of Lizzy’s work goes through, and it’s this appreciation and admiration which leads you to understand her passion.

During the show, you’ll have the chance to create your very own keepsake by choosing your favourite flowers from Lizzy’s collection and either gold or silver to adorn the piece. This tailormade experience is brand new and launching right here at RHS Chelsea 2018. And once you’ve discovered Lizzy’s retreat, you’ll love your piece even more knowing just how it was made and the journey it has been on.

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