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RHS Chelsea Flower Show Artisan Studios: Holt Shed

Anneka Rice with The Holt Artisan Studio

Alongside an amazing variety of creative artisans, we have our very own retreat designed by the wonderful and fascinating Tina Delicata. Tina has a real passion for history and so has taken our original ‘Old Man’s Shed’ and has transformed it into a truly inspirational appreciation of the Women’s Land Army in the Great War.

Tina is quite clearly passionate about history and in particular the suffragette movement which celebrates 100 years in 2018. However, when doing her research into the female role in times of war, she found that the Women’s Land Army actually began in the 1st world war too (even though many people associate it with the 2nd world war). This news struck a chord with Tina, and she felt it her duty to showcase the story of the Women’s Land Army from its very beginning.

The Retreat:

10′ x 8′ Holt

The Holt is a high-quality, beautiful garden workshop/shed designed with strength, security and durability in mind. With an enormous range of customisation options, you can design this shed around your requirements; whether you’re looking for a new wood shop, craft room or just a strong building to house that heavy gardening equipment.


The Holt shed design for this retreat offers a true celebration of women and their roles within the Land Army. 23,000 women were recruited to work full-time on the land, to help replace men who had left to fight in the war. There were three sections in the Women’s Land Army: Agriculture, Forage and Timber Cutting, and the main aim was to increase food production during the war. We have created a retreat to honour the thousands that joined and helped Britain survive the Great War.


After completing many hours of research, Tina began to seek out a wonderful array of memorabilia to host in the shed. Many pieces you’ll find are authentic and original with thought-provoking diary entries and an insight into the lives of women within the Land Army. From uniforms and equipment, to lifestyle pieces and the vegetables in the greenhouse next door – this retreat has transformed from a small idea to give a nod to the Women’s Land Army to an inspiring celebration of the work they did. Their work wasn’t just appreciated, but absolutely vital to keep our country going and our people alive.

Tina Delicata’s Holt

Exterior colour:
Rush Green

Window colour:

Addtional 4’4″ x 8′ greenhouse with internal partition and door

How the Holt was used:

Tina has been on an interesting journey over the last six months, sourcing and searching for the perfect collection to create her retreat. And one thing that’s really stood out to her is that everybody has some connection with the Women’s Land Army. Be it large or small, it seems there is always something that  links to us all. From a sewing machine your great-grandmother also had, to a resonating feeling of female strength in times of hardship. You’re sure to go on a great journey of discovery in this small corner of historical appreciation.

So, be sure to check out our special artisan retreat ‘An Appreciation of the Women’s Land Army in the Great War’ within the Malvern Garden Buildings collection at RHS Chelsea this year. In fact, all of our artisans have a distinctive and interesting story to tell and you’re sure to discover something that strikes a chord with you.

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