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RHS Chelsea Flower Show Artisan Studios: Studio Pavilion

The artisan:

Tom Gyr, Tom’s Studio


Tom began his creative journey after years of seeing his wife, a successful calligrapher, use the same tired, old, mass-produced nib holder each day. Although her work was beautiful from the dedication and skill she put into it, he felt a new, beautiful and well-designed tool would not only be easier and more comfortable to work with, but inspire her to keep creating every day.


The Retreat:

15′ x 10′ cedar Studio Pavilion

Perfect for use as an outdoor office or hobby room, the Studio Pavilion features double glazing throughout and glass-to-ground double doors to the front, making it perfect for year-round use. Available with a wide range of additional features and in an array of colours, you can make this Studio completely bespoke to your needs.

Tom creates ethically sourced, durable, beautiful pens for professional and beginner calligraphers alike. He clearly cares about where his materials come from, and aims to design and produce nib holders that are not only aesthetically pleasing but an integral tool to a calligrapher’s work.

His pens are designed to last a lifetime using durable, attractive and often re-purposed materials. One pen in particular, which is being launched at RHS Chelsea uses re-purposed coffee cups from Extract Paper. This process not only creates something stunning but takes materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

The inspiration:

Tom’s original inspiration for his first pen was his wife. He analysed meticulously how she worked, focusing on the large and small aspects of what would make the perfect working tool for her projects. From spending months getting the balance perfect within her grasp, to ensuring the nib felt effortlessly weightless on the page, he was able to design her dream pen. And, once designed, he produced the pen on her father’s lathe.

He now reaches a worldwide audience thanks to the power of Instagram and social media. But, although his work is now appreciated on a global scale, his passion and dedication to the local land, community, businesses and materials remain constant.

For instance, one of Tom’s pens includes a simply stunning floral design. This takes locally sourced pressed flowers and casts them into the body of the pen resulting in a beautiful bloom. This pen is not only beautiful to write with, but a sight to behold. Plus, with a stunning bloom of Cherry Blossom not far from his studio, Tom was able to create a gorgeous floral holder using pressed flowers cast into the holder itself.

Tom is always looking for ways to ensure his business cuts down on waste and mileage. So, the timber which goes into all of his pens comes from within the thirty-mile radius of his studio, including the New Forest and around Dorset. But, one of the most notable sources of timber might just be the hazel and walnut he uses from the family home of Florence Nightingale! Such an inspirational figure to motivate Tom’s work.


Tom Gyr’s Studio Pavilion

Exterior colour:
Dark grey

Interior colour:

19mm softwood whitewashed

Chrome fittings, black felt roof tiles, 5′ open area

How the Studio Pavilion
was used:

Tom has drafted in some of the most creative and original collaborators he works with to design his retreat. Sarah, owner of Floribunda Rose, is a talented florist working with British, seasonal, ethically sourced flowers. Tom works with her on many projects, but has collaborated with her on his retreat to give it a beautiful, natural look. Nature inspires his pens, and so Sarah’s flowers will reflect that.

He has also worked with local timber supplier Wildwood Table, who has designed and produced gorgeous tables and chandeliers for his studio using New Forest timber.

The whole theme for Tom’s retreat is to tell the story of nature and how it translates into his pens.

If you’re at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, be sure to check out the Malvern Garden Buildings Artisan Retreats and learn more about Tom’s Studio and the passion behind Tom’s work.

He is a talented artisan based right here in the UK, but with a global appreciation and audience. We can’t wait for you to discover his work and find out more!

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