Robinsons Ramsbury Greenhouse

From £11,353

The Ramsbury by Robinsons is available in 4 standard sizes, as shown below:

  • 14’8″ x 8’8″
  • 14’8″ x 16’9″
  • 14’8″ x 24’9″
  • 14’8″ x 32’9″

With the addition of 8’1″ extensions priced at £2,966 you can build an even larger greenhouse to suit your needs.

This Robinsons Victorian range offers you a choice of greenhouses with a distinctive Victorian style.

The Ramsbury is the dwarf wall version of the Rookley. You will need to build a 525mm high dwarf wall for this greenhouse to sit on.

It is available in 5 different colours with optional cresting. The addition of cast aluminium spandrels at both eaves and ridge strengthens the greenhouse considerably and the extra height created by the more traditional 45-degree pitch to the roof gives more air in the greenhouse, as well as more room for specimen plants. The 45-degree roof pitch is also said to be better for light transmission.


»  Extremely strong frame
»  4mm Toughened full sheet safety glass
»  Free 10 Year Guarantee
»  5 x roof vents with Automatic opening
»  4 x Louvre vents
»  Guttering and Downpipes both sides
»  Hinged single door

Options Available

Roller Blind

Ideal to help you control the environment during the hotter weather.

6 slat louvres

Increase ventilation.

External shading

Horticultural grade shade netting specially made into a kit for one side of the roof.

Staging and shelving

Fully height adjustable for more work space.

Auto louvre openers

Fix to existing louvres for auto-opening.

Cresting and finials

Add an extra Victorian-style touch.

Colour Options


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