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Setting up a home gym

Setting up a home gym

As the summer begins to subside (and what a glorious summer it was!), so does the enthusiasm to exercise in many of us too. But with your luxury garden building, you can create the perfect home gym with Malvern Garden Buildings. Whether you choose a summerhouse or garden office building, we can help you to create the perfect space to get fit, have fun and make the most of your garden throughout autumn and winter. And, of course, the more time you spend burning those calories now, the less time you need to spend worrying about the calories you’ll take in during the festive period… that’s our motivation anyway!

Your training style: First things first, you need to decide what you’d like to focus your home-gym on. Although your Malvern Garden Building may be spacious, it certainly isn’t as big as a regular public gym. So, would you like to focus on weight training? Maybe you’d like an airy, spacious room to practice yoga and pilates? Or maybe you want an intense cardio workout room? Decide on what your training regime will be and you will be able to plan your space effectively.

Hook up: Whether you need an electrical supply to your gym equipment or not, it’s a great idea to have electricity to your home gym as you may wish to plug in speakers for motivational music, a fan for cooling down or even just lighting so you can work up a sweat even after the sun has gone down (or come up, if you are an early bird!).

Must-have accessories: Whatever your workout routine, you need to ensure you have some essentials when it comes to working out. Make sure the floor space in your garden building is non-slip (you can purchase non-slip mats for use under your gym equipment or under your feet). Ensure you have water to hand with a small water dispenser, and make sure the room is airy. The more windows you have in your garden building the better for this, or you can work out with the door open; but getting a wall-mounted fan may make the workout even fresher.

Choosing equipment: When investing in gym equipment, it’s vital you measure the space you have and work out how it will all fit together. Opt for fold-away machines to enable you to have a multitude of choices for your workout, and allow for space after your routine for stretching. However, many smaller, more compact machines can often feel a little unstable, so try and test the equipment out in-store before making your purchase. Above all, you need to ensure the space you have created is absolutely safe. Space between the machines must be adequate to reduce the risk of injury.

Having the confidence to go to a public gym can often seem incredibly scary; but having a gym right on your doorstep, in the privacy and comfort of your own garden, makes getting into shape that little bit easier. Transform your Malvern Garden Building and you’ll love the feeling that having a regular exercise regime can give you. 

Just ask our team today about the perfect building to create your very own home gym, today!