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Studio Pent Garden Office

The Studio Pent


We wrote on the Malvern Garden Buildings blog earlier this year about making 2018 the year you really focus on starting or growing the business of your dreams. And on the blog this week, we have the garden building to help you do just that! Allow us to introduce you to The Studio Pent garden office.


Available in a range of sizes from 8’ wide x 6’ deep up to 20’ wide x 10’ deep, the Studio Pent is a versatile, dynamic and beautiful space for you to actually enjoy working in.

With double glazing throughout, glass double doors, chrome fixtures, heavy duty roofing and high quality timber treatment all as standard, you can be sure your Malvern Garden Building is made to last, and will provide your business with a solid foundation to thrive.

Choose from our fantastic range of external paint colours to personalise your Studio Pent to match your garden, your business and your style, and really make the space your own with details such as partitions, extra windows, cladding styles and laminate flooring designs.

Whether you need a studio to get crafty with your creative business, or you need a fresh, stylish space to help you stay focused in front of your PC, then the Studio Pent can provide you with just that.

Having your own business and being your own boss is the dream of many. So get serious about actioning your ideas, get that business off the ground and get the perfect base to begin – and grow! Just ask our team about the Studio Pent, and believe in your business with Malvern Garden Buildings. It starts at just £3,290 so is a sound investment to give your business the boost it needs in 2018.

Where will your business take you, with the Studio Pent?

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The Studio Pent
The Studio Pent