The Glasshouse

The garden building we’re swooning most over at the moment is the glasshouse. It would be foolish to under-estimate the greenhouse and think it’s only good for growing. With the addition of a few home comforts this glass outbuilding makes an ideal retreat for people too and a surprisingly enchanting space for entertaining.

Ideas for how you might use your greenhouse

Grow Your Own

The most obvious benefit of having a greenhouse is to grow more and protect plants from extremes of temperature. The year started with Veganuary and the growing desire to become sustainable. There’s no denying the satisfaction and the difference in taste of growing your own fruit and vegetables is reward enough as a greenhouse owner.

Greenhouse windows with plants inside
View through greenhouse window
Shelf of potted plants inside a greenhouse
View through greenhouse window

Create an artist studio

We all wish we had more room to explore our creativity. A greenhouse filled with all that glorious natural light couldn’t be more perfect for the budding botanical illustrator. Set up your easel and let the blooms that surround you inspire and spur you on to create that masterpiece.

Green plants within a greenhouse
Paint pallete
Paint bruches inside a paint pot
Paint brushes covered in various paints

Throw a party

They say those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but said anything about throwing a party. Set the mood with some subtle lighting – battery operated fairy lights, candlelit lanterns or the like will look magical. Create some botanical cocktails and set up the turn table for some musical accompaniment. Take your inspiration from greenhouse wedding venues. What guest wouldn’t want to be treated to an evening in a tranquil oasis surrounded by lush vegetation? As the night wears on you can gaze at the stars through the glass ceiling.

Outdoor area covered by a pergola
Outdoor area covered by a pergola
Nighttime outdoor wedding
Greenhouse in a nighttime scene

The ultimate outdoor indoor room

Think of your greenhouse as an extension to your home. Add some quirky bamboo furniture or an eclectic easy chair scatter with cushions and throws. Don’t be afraid of pops of colour – think hot pinks and burnt oranges.  How about creating a living wall and a neon light? Hang terrariums from the ceiling or upturned hand tied bouquets that will eventually dry out to be equally stunning. Hey presto! You have a suntrap to luxuriate in with a good book and steaming cuppa.

Rustic Greenhouse with an arm chair inside
A lady sitting in a hammock
Ideas for how you might use your greenhouse
Decorative flowers within a greenhouse

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