The Oval Safari

The Oval Safari 

The Oval Safari is perfect for year-round relaxation and leisure.

Curved and comfortable benches at one end of the structure for maximum accommodation, with luxurious sofa sections at the other for your ultimate relaxation whatever the weather.

The gorgeous wooden structure of the Oval Safari is perfectly exposed in the elongated roof; all of our Breeze Houses are built by skilled craftsmen, each of whom use their own artistic impressions to fulfill the design. It’s because of this that all Breeze Houses are unique, and are presented with a Certificate of Authenticity – in the form of a plaque in the wood – to guarantee that the build is a genuine Breeze House.

Building Specification:

Overall height265cm (8'8")
Outside post diameter250cm (8'2")

Options available

Roof upgrades
  • Timber
  • Combination Thatch
  • Cedar Shingle
  • Hi-Lite Finish
Canvas panel covers

High-grade canvas side panels and roof linings, ensuring warmth and shelter all year round. Clear door and window panels also available.

Infill sections

For extra protection from the elements – choose from a straight infill section (solid timber), or a curved infill section (solid timber, glazed or half solid timber/half glazed).

Infra-red heaters

3kw suspended infra-red heater with switch, manufactured from stainless steel.

Circular dining table

Solid timber dining table to create a dining area.

Lazy Susan

A solid timber lazy susan to suit the table size.

Curved bench seating and cushions

Solid timber, curved seating sections to create a dining area, with the option of base and back cushions.

Curved lounge seating and cushions

Solid timber, curved lounge seating sections to create an area for relaxing, with the option of base and back cushions and a coffee table/footstool.

Raised building

Building raised by 55cm with two curved steps to make the most of views and vistas.

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View the full Technical Specification for the Oval Safari

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