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Shop Breeze Houses

Shop Breeze Houses

As the official sister company of Breeze House Designs Ltd – the authentic Breeze House designers, our four UK showsites have a selection of the luxury thatched garden buildings and Breeze Houses on display. Contact our Greater London, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire or Wiltshire showsites to discuss which Breeze Houses are on display at their particular site or to request a full product brochure. Each Breeze House building is guaranteed for 30 years against decay and rot when treated every 3 years with a suitable wood treatment.

View our collection of ten individually designed Breeze Houses below, each can be complemented with a range of accessories including weather protecting canvas panels, cushions, dining table and even lounge seating or cabinets. Which one would be perfect for you?

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The Oasis

The smallest of our Breeze Houses, the Oasis comfortably sits 4 people. Height: 245cm. Diameter: 194cm.

From £4,540

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The Mara

Small enough to fit in any garden but large enough for comfort, the Mara seats 5 people. Height: 248cm. Diameter: 223cm.

From £5,831

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The Savannah

The Savannah is the most popular Breeze House comfortably accommodating 8 people. Height: 250cm. Diameter: 250cm

From £6,375

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Safari Breeze Houses

The Safari

The Safari is an impressive Breeze House seating up to 10 people. Height: 290cm. Diameter: 308cm

From £8,465

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Colonial Breeze Houses

The Colonial

The original Breeze House – the Colonial allows for comfortable freestanding chairs for up to 8 people. Height: 350cm. Diameter: 392cm.

From £13,635

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Cape Breeze Houses

The Cape

The large Cape Breeze House offers a contemporary building that seats 8+ freestanding chairs. Height: 380cm. Diameter: 42cm.

From £16,470

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Empire Breeze Houses

The Empire

Large enough to feature a hot tub or up top 10 armchairs, The Empire is the most impressive circular Breeze House. Height: 398cm. Diameter: 472cm.

From £19,765

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Oval Savannah Breeze Houses

The Oval Savannah

The smallest of our ovals, The Savannah Oval Breeze House features twin areas for entertaining. Height: 250cm. Diameter: 446 x 250cm

From £10,835

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Oval Safari Breeze Houses

The Oval Safari

Featuring luxurious sofa cushions in the lounge section and a separate dining area, the Oval Safari is the ultimate in relaxation. Height: 250cm. Diameter: 250cm.

From £13,360

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Our Oval Breeze Houses

The Oval Cape

The largest Breeze House, the Oval Cape allows you to host a huge garden party and still accommodate guests. Height: 380cm. Diameter: 637 x 420cm.

From £22,485

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