RHS Houseplant Studios 2024 in collaboration with Malvern Garden Buildings

We’re delighted to be collaborating with the RHS to bring seven stunning indoor gardens to the Houseplant Studios area at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Tucked away on the Plateau in Ranelagh Gardens, our practical yet stylish garden buildings will offer indoor plant stylists and botanical designers the perfect space to unleash their creativity. Each exhibit will be designed to impress and inspire visitors to green up their homes with lush, on-trend foiliage.

With meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and a passion for horticulture and design, Malvern Garden Buildings at the Chelsea Flower Show transform into portals to other worlds. Visitors are invited to explore each garden escape and imagine how they might use them.

Meet the Designers

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Meet the Designers

At Malvern Garden Buildings, we know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be working with designers and horticulturalists who transform our structures into works of art. The Chelsea Flower Show serves as a stage for these talented individuals to push the boundaries of imagination and indoor gardening.

The Glasshouse

  • Designers: Kali Homerton-Stove and the women of East Sutton Park Prison
  • Design: The Glasshouse Effect
  • Garden Building: Malvern Victorian Greenhouse
  • Sponsors: Malvern Garden Buildings

The Glasshouse is a social enterprise offering second chances through horticultural training to women based in UK prisons. A place of refuge and rediscovery - where people and plants grow, the design will document the journey of the women from incarceration through to rehabilitation and beyond.

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RHS Gold Medal
RHS Gold Medal

Plants by There

  • Designer: James Whiting
  • Design Verdant Visions
  • Garden Building: Studio Pavilion
  • Sponsor: Findmypast

Verdant Visions presents itself as colourful, surreal and retro dreamscape. The design will transport you back in time to a 1970s bedroom, set in an average home, in an average street, where your imagination takes over and makes everything more vivid and wondrous. Visitors will experience a rush of endorphins as they enter and experience a multi-sensory stimulation via sound, touch and vibrant visuals.

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RHS Silver Gilt Medal

The Plant Parlour x GrowTropicals

  • Designer: Gemma Haigh
  • Design: Hope After Humanity
  • Garden Building: Studio Flat

Aiming to transcend limitations on indoor spaces, The Plant Parlour x GrowTropicals Houseplant Studio will explore what can be achieved when we embrace biophilic design and naturalistic planting. Deep colours and soft textures aim to achieve a uniquely immersive experience. Their mysterious and enchanted design seeks to challenge the usual Houseplant Studio displays.

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RHS Gold Medal

The Plant Warehouse

  • Designers: Emel, Sumen and Ezgi Sumen
  • Design: Upcycled Botanica
  • Garden Building: Studio Retreat

Set within the confines of a modern new build apartment, Upcycled Botanica will demonstrate to visitors that all homes, however small, can be transformed into a lush indoor jungle. With a strong focus on upcycling, the studio will showcase statement installations such as a living coffee table and vertical garden, which use smart tech to give inspiration and confidence to new plant parents.

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RHS Silver Medal

The Little Botanical

  • Designers: Greg Hill, Morag Hill, Julie Lee, Richard Prentice and Trista Lin
  • Design: Plants with Soul
  • Garden Building: Studio Pavilion

Step into an immersive sanctuary, where every corner pays tribute to the rich heritage of the botanical wonders featured within the design. The team’s display will invite you to explore the cultural story of each of the plants to discover their souls. The Little Botanical will champion sustainability by showcasing British grown and 100% peat free houseplants.

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RHS Gold Medal

In the Garden

  • Designers: Holly and Nikki Barsby
  • Design: Maximalist Verdure: Indoor Gardening in Small Spaces
  • Garden Building: Astwood Pavilion

Set in an eclectic city apartment, In the Garden’s design is influenced by Victorian trendsetters to create a maximalist layered indoor landscape. They are reusing past and treasured vessels to create indoor container gardens, creating a harmony between the recycled and the natural world. Their design champions small space indoor gardening and the importance of plant placement in the home for optimal growth. Holly and Nikki will bring a bold feast of foliage encrusted with detail. They are reusing the past to create the future.

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RHS Silver Medal

Botanic York

  • Designers: Abbi Dixon and Ruth Webber
  • Design: An Atlas of Houseplants
  • Garden Building: Studio Flat

Set within a suburban home Botanic York’s design aims to provide an immersive, educational experience, helping visitors to learn about the native environments of indoor plants and what their habitats can teach us about how to keep them healthy and happy in our homes.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

21 – 25 May 2024

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