Don’t Hibernate Your Garden Shed This Autumn

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Gold Winners: W6 Garden Centre.

The changing face of autumn leaves have been falling for what feels like months while the sun has been playing hide and seek throughout the year. What if we told you that you could elevate your autumnal experience to a whole new level? Imagine your very own cosy autumn retreat for this enchanting season.

Amber trees and crisp golden leaves, pumpkin spice and cosy eaves, welcome in the autumnal breeze!

Warm hues of the season evoke feelings that bring comfort and joy to fall enthusiasts. Complimentary décor echoes the emotion and excitement of the magic that lies ahead over the coming chillier months….

In recent years, there seems to be a growing trend of embracing autumn well before the official end of the summer season, typically marked by the equinox around September 22 or 23. (this year being Saturday 23rd  September, 7:49am BST).The autumn equinox is one of the best times to observe the Northern Lights and during this period, sunrise and sunset are separated by exactly 12 hours all over the world! In astrology, the sun has entered Libra, the zodiac that symbolises balance. Perhaps that’s why fall is taken as a time to live a little slower, equating in a more balanced lifestyle…

If you’ve already developed a deep affection for autumn, making it your favourite season, or, you’re eager to embrace the sweater weather this year – extend your outdoor living with seasonal redecoration, activities, and gardening.

Transform your outdoor garden space into haven of warmth and make the most out of your garden shed this season – it’s time to plant spring-time bulbs!

Embrace the delights of autumn

Garden sheds and studios make the perfect cosy retreat and gathering spot for seasonal celebrations! Snuggle up with a cuppa amongst earthy toned and textured cushions, blankets and throws. Pick a corner to create a reading nook, furnish with things that make you happy and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. We love chunky knit olive green throw and literally cosy cushion! We would recommend enhancing your experience by setting ambient lighting for a soft finishing touch! There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a novel surrounded by your colour-changing garden and cascading leaves.

Alternatively, why not seek solace this autumn in your garden shed? Soothe your senses, practice mindfulness and meditation with the calming aroma of burning incense.

Embrace the spirit of the season by celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night from the comfort of your garden shed. Welcome your loved ones into your festive gathering with an autumnal themed wreath, adorned in seasonal florals and foliage! Decorate with pumpkins, flicking tea lights and seasonal garlands to evoke that nostalgic feeling. Inside, warm up with spiced drinks and treat your guests to a buffet full of treats to savour and share! Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and vanilla are scent-seasonal fragrances to compliment the seasonal aesthetic, heightening the senses! Your garden building provides the ideal intimate and sheltered space to create cherished memories during these festive occasions!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Gold Winners: W6 Garden Centre.

Don’t put your garden shed to bed!

As the sun sets earlier day by day, fading into the golden landscapes of autumn, it’s tempting to spend less time with your trusty garden shed. Don’t bid farewell to your shed for the colder months, instead, use the space as smart storage for handy garden tools, seasonal equipment, and outdoor furniture. Garden sheds serve as excellent shelters for outdoor items, protecting them away from any harsh weather conditions and ensuring they’re ready for spring.

Our Kew Potting Shed is a versatile place to prep, plan and pot. The fitted shelving provides plenty of space to organise and showcase your freshly potted bulbs. You can even use it as a functional workplace to get hands-on with DIY projects and chop firewood. Let your garden shed remain a valuable asset as the seasons change!

The Holt Apex

Fall in love with autumn!

There is no time like now to fully immerse yourself in the magic of fall. Whether that be connecting with nature outdoors, taking strolls through the rustling leaves, getting autumn/winter garden ready with your garden shed or creating cherished memories with your loved ones from the comforts of your garden building.

Seize the season, let the crisp autumn air captivate your senses and embrace all of fall’s wonders with open arms.

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