Oval Savannah

Ex-display Oval Savannah

RRP: £33,857
Sale price: £22,007

  • Slate Tile Effect Roof
  • Hi-Lite Internal Roof Finish
  • 2 Half Clear Canvas Panel
  • Full Clear Entrance Canvas Panel With Zip
  • Full Timber Straight Infill Section
  • x2 Half Timber And Half Glazed Curved Infill Section
  • Circular Dining Table
  • Bronzed Glass Top For Dining Table
  • Curved Dining Bench Set
  • Curved Dining Bench Stool Set
  • Luxury Cushion Set For Curved Dining Benches
  • Luxury Cushion Set For Curved Dining Bench Stools
  • Luxury Curved Back Cushion Set
  • Curved Lounge Bench Set
  • Luxury Base Cushion Set For Lounge Benches
  • Luxury Back Cushion Set For Lounge Benches
  • Circular Coffee Table / Footstool
  • Bronzed Glass Top For Coffee Table
  • 3KW Suspended Infra-Red Heater
  • x2 Medium Premium Scatter Cushion
  • x5 Large Premium Scatter Cushion
  • 2-Door Wine Rack Cabinet
  • Bronzed Glass Top For 2-Door Wine Rack Cabinet
  • Bar Unit For 2 Door Wine Rack Cabinet
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