Robinsons Greenhouse Technical Specification

Duraglaz 4mm toughened glass

Duraglaz 4mm toughened glass is 33% thicker than that used on many greenhouses and is supplied in large sheets with few or no overlaps where unsightly mildew can gather.  The toughened glazing plan also provides for 1ft high kick panels at the bottom of each section, allowing for the most vulnerable area to breakage to be replaced more cost effectively. (for example if you are mowing your lawn and a stone flirts up and breaks a pane – the kick panel is cheaper and easier to replace than a whole side pane)

R-Pro box section

It’s this unique R-Pro box-section technology that really sets Robinsons greenhouses apart from other brands. The clever box-section designed glazing bars are particularly resistant to twisting. In fact, unlike most greenhouse bars, you can’t twist them with your hands if you try.

It’s this ‘twist resistance’ that is so vital during windy conditions. This makes the entire R-Pro frame extremely sturdy and Robinsons greenhouses have long been revered amongst gardeners as one of the strongest and most reliable that you can buy.

The sheer strength of the R-Pro bars means additional internal bracing bars are not required, leaving a more uncluttered and spacious interior with far ‘cleaner lines’ for you to work in.

Pro-cap low profile glazing system

These Pro-cap PVC cappings grip the glass firmly onto the air filled rubber using stainless steel screws.  A final Pro-cap cover capping hides the screw heads to leave an extremely strong glazing system that provides a beautifully neat exterior finish and amazing rigidity.

This unique Pro-cap technology is unmatched in the greenhouse world and the final result means that it is virtually impossible for Robinsons glass to blow out in the wind.

The Pro-cap capping system’s PVC material means that on a standard side glazing bar no aluminium is in contact with the outside – helping to keep your plants snug and warm tucked up in your Robinsons greenhouse.

Other features

  • These beautiful Easi-glide doors are achieved by using the special Robinsons Nyloglide  door wheels – 4 on each door-  for a the smoothest and most reliable greenhouse door that you can find.
  • The precision engineered Go-lo low level door access provides for easy wheelbarrow and wheel chair use with wide double doors being a standard feature on all models over 8’ wide.Every model in the range is supplied with a locking door catch to prevent the door(s) blowing open in strong winds.
  • All roof vents are supplied as standard with top quality Bayliss XL automatic openers providing you with complete peace of mind during hot days. These ingenious devices work using a clever wax-filled cylinder that expands and contracts in changes of temperature and open the windows automatically to provide the required airflow without you having to intervene!
  • Optional 6 slat louvres
  • Fully height adjustable, our optional staging and shelving is extremely strong as it is bolted to the side of the greenhouses using tubular cantilever supports. You can set it to your perfect working height along the complete length of your greenhouse and with no vertical legs this then leaves plenty of room underneath for storage of heavy items such as bags of compost and large post or extra growing space.
  • Dwarf wall models. We can adapt most Robinsons models to sit on a standard height dwarf wall, roughly 2ft high. In addition there are a number of easy modifications that can be made to the greenhouse which will help you if you are needing a slightly more bespoke greenhouse.
  • Optional Victorian ridge cresting
  • Our integral aluminium guttering is extremely neat and strong being built into the design of the greenhouse at eaves height. Two 25mm PVC downpipes take the rainwater away and we provide a range of optional extra fittings should you wish to collect and use this valuable natural resource.

Duraglaz 4mm toughened glass

You can have your greenhouse in plain aluminium. If you opt for a plain aluminium (mill) finish, then the bar capping will be provided in a contrasting white colour. You can have your Robinsons greenhouse specially powder coated in a White, Old Cottage Green, Ivory, Sage and Anthracite finish. Powder coating is an extremely durable method of adding colour to your greenhouse. We guarantee powder coated finishes against flaking and discolouring for 10 years, though in reality, it’s likely the powder coated finish will stay looking new for the lifetime of the greenhouse. Bar capping is provided in a matching colour, providing a very neat look.

This unique Pro-cap technology is unmatched in the greenhouse world and the final result means that it is virtually impossible for Robinsons glass to blow out in the wind.

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