Top 5 Garden Trends for 2021

We’re excited to share our predictions for the trends to look out for in 2021. From gardening in miniature to getting playful in back gardens, these are our pick of the five key trends shaping our outdoor spaces for the year ahead.

Small model figures gardening on top of greenery

Miniature Gardening

Size really doesn’t matter in 2021 as the trend for gardening on an ever shrinking scale gets popular.

From digging a pint-sized victory garden of micro veg to designing a living garden in miniature with dwarf trees and small leaf perennials, small is beautiful.


Ant on a twig in moonlight

Save the Insects 

If dealing with a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough, we’re now facing an insect apocalypse. According to a report published last year 40% of 1 million insect species are facing extinction.

The rush to create insect friendly habitats in gardens will be a trend to avert a disaster. One simple way to save bugs is by dimming the lights at night.

Bed of all white bell shaped flowers with long spear-like leaves

All White Blooms

Dazzling white blooms look set to be coveted by gardeners in 2021. Set against a dark backdrop with varying foliage, sophisticated white flowers set the scene for a serene outdoor space.

Early adopters of this trend may be galanthophiles in the making. The arrival of snowdrops bring hope that spring is just around the corner. All-white flower gardens look just as stunning by moonlight.  

Front Gardens Get Social

Of late front gardens have become the place to nurture friendships and reconnect with the neighbours.

Could 2021 be the year to swap out the high hedge and replace with a bench or a bistro set?

Create an inviting space to promote a sense of community and spend time outdoors to alleviate loneliness.

Backyards become Playgrounds

As the year rolls on we predict back gardens will be turned into playgrounds on steroids with dens, home-made zip wires, ninja warrior courses and fancy monkey bars to encourage kids outside and away from screens.

An outdoor hideaway is delight for little people. Discover how one Malvern Garden Building owner is inspiring children’s creativity in and out of lockdowns.

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