10 Quirky Planters for Your Garden

Add oomph to your garden!

Plastic pots are a no-no and terracotta planters are boring. So, we’ve let our imaginations run wild to come up with some quirky ideas for your container planting. We think you’ll find one man’s trash is another gardener’s treasure!

Old bike pot planter

On yer bike!

We absolutely love how this climber twists and twines around this rusty old bike and is that a chopper making a comeback as a flower basket?

Potted plant

Plants behind bars

We’ve got a bit of a thing about a repurposed bird cage. This one looks sweet planted up with succulents and the bonus is the bird’s flown free.

Yellow wall with step ladder and potted plant

Nothing rung with these!

No need to fork out on expensive plant theatres or staging if you can reuse an old ladder.

Plants and hanging light bulbs

A lovely bunch

A great way of recycling your coconut shires and think they look spectacular hung with string lighting.


Old suitcase used as planter

Shopper, suitcases and handbags

This is an inventive way to breathe new life into an old bag or case that’s seen better days.


Creative ideas for potting plants

Dropped a dress size?

These are definitely a quirky way to break the ice with the neighbours.

Old car tire used as planter

Never tyre of admiring this!

What a lovely pop of colour against the brick wall and great contrast to the pansy growing inside.

Tea pot used as planter

Perfect pot

This enamelware teapot looks great planted up. Teacups also make great small containers.

Concrete planters

Concrete solution

You’ll find loads of instructional videos on youtube showing you how to create your own concrete pots. You can go as far as customising them with a flash of bright colour or metallic for an ultra-modern feel.

Old unused type writer surrounded by plants

A healthy return

The key to this planter is its total eccentricity. Reminds us of the work of designer Rodrigo Tello who takes obsolete objects and brings them new life. To see his work click here.

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