5 Top Garden Trends for 2022

We’re excited to share our predictions for the trends to look out for in 2022. From ‘escape rooms’ to after dark celebrations, here’s our pick of the top trends set to transform your outdoor spaces in the year ahead.

Dying seed head covered in ice crystals

All Things Bleak & Beautiful

‘Tidy’ is a four-letter word in gardening in 2022 as we embrace seasonal textures and ‘dieback’.

In the spirit of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, gardens this year will be a celebration of the ethereal beauty of the imperfect. This trend serves wildlife better and is less work for gardeners – a win-win all around!

Since the start of the pandemic, we’re looking to our gardens for enjoyment not only in spring and summer but throughout the year.

This trend encourages us to muse on the seasons. Soak them in by sketching and journaling the whole lifecycle of plants. Savour a deeper connection with nature and your garden as you see them grow, bloom and die giving each season a different, edifying dimension.

Get a Head Space

Emotions continue to run high in 2022. It doesn’t take a genius to predict we’ll all need a place to decompress and recalibrate.

How about a garden room designed specifically and exclusively for recovering from day-to-day life? Mark our words – an emotional escape room will be on your wish list for 2022.

A restorative place to craft, chill, or even rage when adulting gets too much – sounds good, eh? Our hearts are set on an at-home wellness sanctuary for meditation.

This barn style shed transformed into an all-white studio by Leanne Ford has all the feels. The tree branch tips a nod to the wabi-sabi philosophy. Soft cream meditation cushions and mats instantly instil calm. Bean bags would make a great alternative to mats and cushions while keeping the chilled vibe.

Add a sound bath and lots of natural light to create a sun-filled safe space for your mind to de-stress and your soul to sing, “Ohm!”

Brown bird perched on edge of bird bath in garden

Going with the Flow

Continuing the wellbeing focus for gardens, water features are making a comeback.

Create an oasis of calm with a gently trickling stream or introduce a birdbath for visiting feathered friends.

Combining the water trend with the interior look for 2022 being dubbed “Greek Chic” will create a Mediterranean garden getaway with a nod to ancient aesthetics.

With the rise of UK staycations, the focus has turned to luxuries you would usually go away on holiday to enjoy being brought into gardens at home. Pools, and more particularly natural swimming ponds, are top of the list of these luxuries.

We foresee gardens will continue to be personal sanctuaries and modern-day pleasure gardens in 2022.

Interior shot of curved gazebo seating

Inside Out

Interior elements are getting more and more popular in gardens from TVs and sound systems to built-in outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

Setting up a garden room to extend your living space provides a place to get cosy while enjoying the fresh air.

We’re looking to the interior trends for the coming year to see how we can take the indoors out.

Curves are having a moment in 2022 and garden design is already waking up to their appeal. Hard landscaping will become softer around the edges to create greater flow and harmony.

Painting an arch on a wall or a garden arch is an easy way to jump on this trend. Curvaceous garden furniture and structure also instil calm and comfily cocoons to make a space feel more hospitable.

The Dark Side

Start to see your garden in a different light! One of our most popular Garden Escape blogs explored the idea of creating a moon garden.

Gardens after dark certainly capture the imagination. If the trend predictions are true 2022 is going to be filled with celestial celebrations. Could your outdoor space hold host to full moon parties or twilight gatherings?

Outdoor cinema and DIY bars help create a great atmosphere for friends and family to gather in the open air. Transform a garden building into a night-time venue with a few decorations and cosy accessories.

Depending on how committed you are to star-lit soirees you could ramp up the drama by planting dark foliage as a backdrop. Pinterest predicts Goth will dominate 2022 fashion. Gardens could soon become part of this goth-aissance.

If you’re interested in alternative fashion creeping into the mainstream, the alternative bash could also be your thing. Pick any excuse for a rave-up. The more out-of-the-ordinary or under-celebrated the better. Try divorce parties, break up bashes, pet birthdays and empty nest knees-up? Anyone?

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